Alejandro Mayorkas Blinded by Democratic Poison as He Stands at Border and Refuses to See a Problem at Del Rio

The southern border is out of control and has moved from problem to crisis. There are so many people trying to enter America illegally that local citizens fear for their lives because they do not know who will show up and do things to them. Joe Biden has allowed illegals to threaten the American way of life, which is a failure of his duty to protect all Americans and provide a safe place for all to live.

Biden’s dirty Homeland Security Secretary is Alejandro Mayorkas. The clueless man ignores his duty more than anyone else except Kamala Harris. His job is to look after the country’s security and identify threats that would harm American citizens. One would think that the southern border would apply in this case.

But Mayorkas took one look at the Del Rio crowd and concluded that there is no crisis at the southern border. His ill-timed response mirrors the one that Harris and Biden give when they are asked about the border. They have put their blinders over their eyes and refuse to admit that they have all screwed up.

Pictures paint the perfect picture unless a Democrat is looking at them. Mayorkas has seen what the nation has witnessed through live reports and social media postings. Over 13,000 illegals have pressed across the Rio Grande River trying to gain access to the country. All of them are sitting out in the heat with no food or bathrooms around, and all Mayorkas can claim is that there is not a problem.

Many of the illegals are from Haiti. They have made their way to the border only to find out that they cannot access the country. They cannot return home because of the danger that the trip has along the way. So, they have all found shelter under the Del Rio International Bridge. Where they will stay until they are shipped home, or they leave on their own.

Mayorkas sounds like Kamala Harris when he states that there is not a problem. He stole Joe Biden’s sound card and read the same response he gives every time he is confronted with the crisis at the border. Mayorkas should recommend that the National Guard be deployed, or the military protect the people directly affected by the invasion. But he refuses to do his job and protect American lives.

When the sadistic man was asked why he thinks there is no issue, he can claim ignorance. There is a deliberate lie being told by the Democrats. When Mayorkas was asked about it, all he could do was cut off the person asking the question. He attacked them verbally and interrupted to keep the question from being asked.

Mayorkas stated that “I’m going to stop you right there. Let me just say very clearly. We are focused on meeting the challenge, we are focused on the mission.” At that moment, everyone wants to know the “mission” behind the denial of the crisis and why the illegals are being allowed into the country without any COVID barriers or court cases being scheduled.

The truth is that the Biden administration does not have a plan and all he can do is ruin the country by allowing a bunch of illegals to overrun the nation. The southern border is a crisis for every level-headed person in the country. And just because a blinded liberal comes from Washington to declare there is no issue does not make it disappear.

Donald Trump was able to fix the border by working with others around the region. But Joe Biden and his administration do not want to work for the people because they are power-hungry liberals in it for themselves.

The entire world sees a problem, but the slimy Democrats are folding their arms and denying the truth. Their stubborn reluctance to admit that there’s a problem is only hurting their chances of winning in 2022. People are going to vote for those who will stop the deluge from happening. Mayorkas is one of the worst things to happen to America since Biden stepped into the White House.