Pandemic Reveals Just How Hateful Teacher Union Has Become

For over a year, the teacher unions that were supposed to guide and help keep teachers prepared for the classroom have been lying to the American people. The frontal assault they have put forth for the last year revealed the secrets under their masks. They may claim to care about teachers and students, but what they really care about is the political socialization of every child in America. They are nothing more than tools used by the liberals to get kids ready for war.

Their weapon of choice is the Critical Race Theory (CRT) that essentially indoctrinates every child to hate their country and violently oppose any opposition. The Democratic Party is at the heart of the deception as they use their operatives in the classroom to teach the poison. And, when a parent shows up to question the attacks, the teacher’s union throws its arms around the accused and protects them, even though they are guilty of treason.

CRT is designed to split the classroom, brainwash the faithful, and expose any conservatives growing up in the ranks. The pandemic served to expose the dangerous ways each operative was operating. Many of the teachers would complain that parents were listening in on the class and were complaining when the CRT poison was brought out.

Every parent loves their child and will not stand by and watch an aggressive American-hating teacher bully them. These operatives in the classroom are ramping up their teaching of the CRT while the unions are telling parents that the kids are not being taught the alternative history developed by activists against America.

Proof of the deception was found in the guidebook obtained by the Freedom Foundation. This book details out how teachers can teach CRT in the classroom. The nasty part of the book is that these methods have been used for years, and there is no sign of it stopping any time soon.

The guidebook also reveals and instructs teachers to be involved in the Black Lives Matter parade and advocate for the police’s defunding. They also want the teachers to push for a ban on voter ID and remove all statutes that would go against their core philosophy.

The mounting lies coming out of the teacher’s unions’ claims are astounding. At first, they wanted people to think that CRT was for law graduates to ponder. But when that idea failed to produce results, they moved the CRT into the lower grades—essentially kidnapping kids mentally. But their lie was found when parents had to monitor learning from home. Parents listened in on the class and found out that the teachers were terrible, mouthing parents for teaching morality and teaching that it is acceptable to disobey authority.

When parents called out the unions over the hidden teaching, they tried to pass the curriculum to look at racial issues in society. But that fell short as well. There is no way that the teacher unions can hide their Democratic poison. They even tried to lie on the internet about what CRT was all about. But what was heard by parents did not match up.

Republican governors are moving to ban CRT from nearly half the states in the country. When a child is told that they are racist because they are white and should give up their freedoms to a colored student, the cancer of CRT has taken root.

The CRT advocates tell people of color that they will change their lives in slavery to the white man. They never tell them that, in America, all are equal and have the same opportunity to excel as any other person.

But liberals do not want people to be taught the truth. The American dream is a reality that every person can realize. The Democrats hate the dream because it means they cannot control people and have all the power.

CRT is the most current form of poison that the liberals are using to get into kids’ heads. Their primary mission is to turn each child against their parents and break down all the moral absolutes they have been taught. The lies will keep on coming, which is why so many parents are opting for homeschool as a choice for their kids.