Manchin Continues To Set Off Massive Bombs Against Democratic Agenda


The Democratic Party does not want any person to know just how badly they are divided. They give a false front of unity to throw people off-balance as to the health of their party. But most people can see just how fractured they have become. Their secret is out, and now everyone is watching with joy as they slowly implode and dig their claws into each other to survive.

Joe Biden does not work with the Senate or the House on any legislation that needs to be developed. He whips out his pen and bypasses the process with executive action. He is abusing a power given to the president to keep Americans safe, and he is not to make their lives miserable with it.

The party cannot get its act together. Nancy Pelosi continues to lose control of the kids playing politics within her party, and Joe Manchin continues to set off his Biden bombs which keeps any key legislation from being passed.

The mysterious Senator from West Virginia is considered a moderate Democrat, and he is as close to being a Republican as can be without actually crossing the line. The man is a pain in the neck for Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi as he continues to vote against their trillion-dollar monstrosity of a bill designed to kill America.

Nancy Pelosi is on her knees, begging Manchin to vote in favor of the bill. But the price tag is too high for him, and he would rather see a $1.5 trillion billion and not the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez version of Joe Biden’s bill for the future. He flat out told the liberals that he would not vote with them just because he was also a Democrat. He and Kyrsten Sinema are two liberals representing their voters and not their selfish interests.

Manchin reported that “While I am hopeful that common ground can be found that would result in another historic investment in our nation, I cannot – and will not – support trillions in spending or an all or nothing approach that ignores the brutal fiscal reality our nation faces.”

People could see the nuclear cloud rising above the House of Representatives after Manchin put Nancy Pelosi in her demonic place from a distance. Manchin seems to be the only liberal that was awake during finance class. He knows that inflation will destroy the country, and he is not about to instigate the liberal’s attempt to socialize the country.

And his betrayal of the establishment does not stop with numbers. The Democrats have wanted to rid themselves of the Hyde Amendment. This bill states that federal funds cannot be used to fund abortions. The liberals need to rid themselves of this law to entirely fund the murder of children around the country. They have their eyes set big, but a few people stand in their way.

Places such as Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics would love to have the money. They would produce more baby parts for university studies and other institutions that need human body parts to continue with their human medical experiments.

Joe Manchin has already dropped the bomb, and he is not about to pick up the pieces. The spending spree of the Democratic Party must come to an end before they decide to spend more.

Nancy Pelosi would love for him to shut his mouth and go along with everyone else. But Manchin is a thinker who sees what will happen when Joe Biden and the rest of the ignorant liberals spend too much money. He will not be a part of spending more than is brought in through taxes.

Donald Trump had put the country on a path that would have achieved the level of income needed to move forward with massive projects. But along comes old man Biden, and his first week in office was to destroy the income path needed to fund future projects. Instead, he wants to tax people to death and beyond to get what he wants. His actions will be the end of freedom if he gets what he wants out of Pelosi.