Democrats Losing Ground in Early Voter Registration Spells Doom for the Biden’s Plans


The Biden fan club has been living on cloud nine for almost a year. They love the fact that he is lying to them and taking all of their money through the overreach of power and countless regulatory orders he has put out. And, of course, there is oppression that they accept because they are blinded to the wickedness that Biden pushes on them.

Biden’s fan club, though, is on the verge of collapsing because those that once rallied for the old man are finding out that he has no intentions of delivering on his promises to serve and protect. He has left people behind to be hunted by terrorists and now seeks to strip parents of their right to raise their kids as they see fit.

The country knows Biden is losing his supporters in massive droves by the number of registered voters in key battleground states. Biden has betrayed many people, which is why he is losing ground in several states.

One of the most extensive bruises to his ego comes from the state of Florida. The massive voter registration lead that the Democrats once had in the state has closed up to 24,000 people. The liberals thought they had a purple state to work with, but Biden has pushed it into the red because of the way he is setting himself up as an evil dictator.

As bad as the critical state of Florida is for the demented man, it is only one of many that are turning a deeper shade of red. The Hill has reported that Pennsylvania and North Carolina are turning red as well.

The Hill researched and stated that “In Pennsylvania, Democrats now lead Republicans in voter registration by about 632,000 people, down from 813,885 two years ago. The same is true in another battleground state, North Carolina, where Democrats’ advantage has shrunk by more than 140,000 since October 2019. There are fewer active registered Democrats on the books in North Carolina now than there were six years ago.”

2022 is going to be a reality check for the liberals. They think they have a majority in every state, but the number of voter registrations proves that Republicans are gaining ground. Many liberals are switching sides because they cannot stand the poison emanating from Joe Biden’s head.

Conservative voters love to vote. They come out more often than their Democratic counterparts, and they are more apt to show up during midterm elections.

And the new voting laws in many key states are also causing the Democrats to have ulcers because they believe that their people will not come out and vote. But all it means is that the liberals will not be able to cheat to make their numbers look better than they are.

There is a renewed spirit within the Republican Party. The 2020 election bonded the party because everyone knew something was wrong with how the Democrats were acting. Everyone knew that they had cheated but no one could put their finger on the source. The dirty dogs were found on video multi-counting ballots, but when asked, they would lie through their teeth, and liberal judges would rule in their favor.

The biggest turnoff for many Biden lovers is the constantly changing pandemic regulations that he keeps pushing. Every person has a limit that, when reached, will walk away. Biden has pushed people to keep their faces covered because of a virus that no longer poses the threat it once had. His supporters are tired of wasting money on masks and having to put one on every time they walk outside.

The biggest surprise that awaits the Democratic Party will be the response of the Hispanic voter. Many of these people left communism to live in America because of the freedoms found here. They cannot return to that life, and they are willing to vote against the left-leaning party if it keeps pushing socialism.

Joe Biden and his party are living in a delusional state. Their house of cards is about to come crashing down as voters head back to the ballot box to vote for freedom instead of socialism.