Denmark and Sweden Halt Use of Moderna Vaccine for Everyone Under 30

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If the Democratic left were to idolize anyone or any nation, it would be those of Scandinavia. The small northern European countries such as Denmark, Sweden, and Norway have constantly been a pointed example for the left of how their semi-socialistic ideals on governance, medicine, and social policies should work.

And yet, they seem to have forgotten all about their love of these countries during the COVID pandemic, perhaps because these nations have consistently chosen to look at factual data rather than fear and the yearning for more control.

A recent example of this comes to us as both Sweden and Denmark have now halted the use of at least one vaccine type for every individual under the age of 30, as science is telling them that the risks newly associated with it may not be worth it.

According to the Swedish Public Health Agency, it was noted that an increased risk of heart inflammation issues such as myocarditis and pericarditis exist in those under the age of thirty who have received the Moderna vaccine. More specifically, it seems that boys and young men are at risk, most notably after receiving their second dose of the shot.

The agency said in a news release that the result would be a pause in the use of Moderna’s Spikevax vaccine for all those born in or after 1991 “for precautionary reasons.” They add that the condition is a “rare” one, allowing for a small chance of having heart issues after the vaccine is received. In addition, health experts say that such heart conditions, or at least inflammation of the heart, usually “go away on their own.”

However, it is disconcerting nonetheless.

And so, Sweden has halted the use of the vaccine believed to be the cause until more research can be completed. The nation says they will revisit the issue and the possible reinstatement of the Moderna shot in December.

For the roughly 81,000 Swedes born after 1991 who have already received their first dose, another will not be offered until the matter is resolved. And for those who have received either their first dose only or both, the Nordic nation’s experts advise “vigilance” is needed as the risk of heart problems may be small but still present.

According to Reuters, Sweden’s neighbor Denmark followed suit almost immediately, deciding that the possibly harmful vaccine will not be used on its nation’s young people while more information is gathered.

Now, it’s important to note that neither Denmark nor Sweden has any sort of COVID restrictions in place anymore. Norway, another Scandinavian nation, doesn’t either. As a result, in recent weeks, all three have downgraded the entire COVID virus and pandemic, basically categorizing it as nothing more than something akin to the common cold or flu.

Sweden, in fact, has never held that it should have been treated with such fear and panic.

While here in the US, we experienced lockdowns that kept us from work, school, friends, and family members, Swedes were allowed to roam as they pleased. They were also never mandated to wear facial diapers for every and all outings. And when the vaccines came out, they were merely given the choice to go and get it.

Neither were they pressured to feel one way or another about the vaccine. Instead, they respected their neighbors’ beliefs and right do what they felt was right for their personal bodies and families.

Isn’t that something…

I may not always love the social policies or governing ideals of these small northern European nations. Still, one thing I definitely like is the ability to reason in the face of what most on the political left would call a health crisis.

Instead of assuming that those who have chosen not to vaccinate are causing more deaths and spreading illness, they are looking at actual data and facts. They are also looking at what the vaccines are really doing and not just what drug companies and health agencies earning millions off their sales are saying.

So maybe it’s not just socialistic tendencies those on the left want after all… Instead, it seems to be that all-out dictatorship is the main goal.