The Taliban Ruthlessly Attack Afghanistan’s Underworld Drug Trade…One Problem…It’s the Country’s Leading Revenue Source

Lizette Potgieter/ Lizette Potgieter/

As difficult as this may be to comprehend, and though it isn’t for the reasons we might think, the Taliban is about to do us and the entire world a huge favor. It isn’t intentional, but we’ll take it. Now that they’ve regained power, the Taliban is setting their well-trained rifle sites on Afghanistan’s dark underworld drug trade and they aren’t playing. Heads are gonna roll…literally. 

Under the cover of night, the Taliban’s ruthless fighters patrol the streets and alleyways of Kabul. The new cops lurk on every city block and they make the laws as they go.

But in particular, they’re focused on druggies. The war against drugs begins with the users. You have to show non-drug users what’s in store for them should they foolishly succumb to a drug-filled needle’s temptation. Call it a ‘show and tell’ type lesson.

Kabul is littered with homeless drug users. They make their homes under bridges and in huge piles of garbage and rubble, and they drink from filthy garbage-infested streams. Heroin and methamphetamines are their drugs of choice. It’s only a matter of which one they can get their hands on the easiest, and it’s all easy to get. For now. 

Hundreds of homeless men are rounded up nightly and beaten either halfway or all the way to death. The unfortunate survivors are, then, hauled off to treatment centers where they either kick the habit cold turkey via Taliban guards beating their addictions out of them, or they die. Their choice. What’s it gonna be, Mohammad? 

The Taliban, for reasons of publicity, recently allowed the Associated Press to tag along on a raid. The AP reported that most of the so-called druggies rounded up that night were more so the products of untreated mental illness.

The men had their hands tied behind their backs and were made to sit against a stone wall facing their captors. They were commanded to “sober up” or they’d face more and harsher beatings.

Some residents of Kabul have no problem with the Taliban getting the druggies off the street, and they don’t care how they do it, while health workers have had to change their methods to adapt to a new set of rules in dealing with such patients.

Dr. Fazalrabi Mayar, who works in a drug treatment center, is all for the Taliban’s methods. “We are not in a democracy anymore, this is a dictatorship. And the use of force is the only way to treat these people,” he said.

Heroin addicts in Afghanistan are not the only addicts who are soon going to be in need of a fix they can’t find. The country’s acres upon acres of poppy fields are about to be torched and destroyed, along with the expert growers who work those fields. Afghanistan is the world’s major supplier of heroin. The previous government looked the other way for the serious money the trade generates.

Economic collapse is inevitable for the Taliban. We won’t recognize their leadership and neither will the EU. Of course, China is on board but that won’t be enough to save them. They could possibly survive if they left the drug world alone but that would only piss off Allah, so either way, they’re going to take themselves down.

It’s so hard to run a country these days…