Texas Governor Abbott Appeals Biden’s Denial of Emergency Declaration for Border Chaos


The Republican governor from Texas, Greg Abbott, wrote a letter to President Joe Biden on Thursday appealing the previous denial of an emergency declaration for his state. He maintains that there is a persistent border crisis at the southern border with Mexico.

Governor Abbott requested in his letter that the president reconsiders his denial of the emergency declaration regarding the ongoing border crisis which reached a “magnitude and duration” on May 31st of this year. It was on that day that Abbott formally recognized the disaster which is even now escalating. An example of this escalation is the terrible situation happening in Val Verde County.

The Texas governor also wrote this in his letter to Biden, “The Department of Homeland Security’s strategy to address the migrant crisis has not alleviated the need for federal assistance to allow Val Verde County and the State of Texas to effectively respond to and recover from the ongoing border crisis.”

Abbott noted that the disaster on the border was caused by an overwhelming surge of people who are entering the country unlawfully at the Texas-Mexico border. This situation is so severe that additional federal assistance is now necessary to keep a disaster from happening. He maintained that an emergency declaration is needed to save lives, protect property, and keep the public healthy and safe.

The governor also wrote, “Texas first responders are fatigued, and resources are thin. … I respectfully urge FEMA to reconsider this decision and provide the crucial support the State of Texas needs to secure the border and keep our communities safe.”

Governor Abbott challenged the president by saying that securing the border was a federal responsibility, but that Texas would stand with the federal government in responding to the border crisis. He was not willing for his state to “stand alone.” And he was not willing to have the full financial burden without federal assistance.

The governor believes that what is happening on the border is of such severity and magnitude that an effective response is beyond state and local capability.

Abbott’s first request was submitted to the president on September 20th. It was denied on September 29th. He announced that very day that he would appeal the president’s decision.

Right now, Texas is getting ready for a large caravan of migrants who are heading towards the U.S. southern border. Abbott tweeted out messages that the Texas National Guard was working with the Department of Public Safety to keep communities in his state safe.

The governor joined with nine other Republican governors who came together in Mission, Texas, on Wednesday, delivered a 10-point plan to put an end to Biden’s border crisis. Abbott was joined at the press conference by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, Idaho Governor Brad Little, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, Montana Governor Greg Gianforte, Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt, and Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon.

At this press conference, Abbott said that President Biden’s open border policies have created complete chaos at the southern border. They not only pose a threat to Texans, but to all Americans. He declared that his state has stepped up to keep communities safe and lessen the crisis and that his efforts were made stronger by support from other governors across the nation.

The ten stood together to send a strong message to the White House that they would not tolerate a refusal to secure the border and they would continue to do whatever it took to keep the people in their communities safe.

The next move is for the president.