The Real Cost of Doing Business in NYC During a Pandemic


Businesses are doing everything they can to survive. Liberals haven’t made it easy. Between closures, mask mandates, and now vaccine mandates for employees, it’s as if they don’t want businesses to make it at all.

Now, New York City has decided that they’re going to crack down on businesses. They have fines set up for those that don’t follow the city’s new vaccine mandate. NYC requires those 12 and over to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination before entering a long list of restaurants and other types of businesses.

There’s no showing a negative COVID test. There’s no showing that you’ve had COVID and, therefore, have immunity. Nope. Proof of vaccination or you’re not getting in.

What is the real cost of doing business in NYC?

Well, if you’re a business, you have to risk not getting the business that you once had simply because people have made a personal choice not to get the vaccine.

Approximately 80% of adults living in NYC have at least one dose of the vaccine. However, it varies dramatically between the various demographics. And, NYC wants anyone over 12 to get vaccinated. The numbers for those under the age of 18 are considerably lower. The new demands are ridiculous – and entire families are not eating out or going into various entertainment venues because of these mandates.

So, businesses have to make a choice. Do they follow the mandates and risk losing business? Or, do they say to hell with the mandates and receive the fines?

Many businesses are choosing to accept the fines and forget about asking for proof of vaccination as people walk into the business.

Quite a few businesses have chosen to violate the mandate because they know that it’s going to hurt their operations. There’s a warning for the first offense. Then, it’s a $1,000 fine, a $2,000 fine, and, then, $5,000 for each subsequent violation.

Depending on the business, many are content to pay the fines without bothering to adhere to the mandate. However, that’s $5,000 of profits that business owners are giving up.

The city has already issued warnings to over 6,000 businesses.

One website has already been created that lists businesses that have promised they won’t be enforcing the mandate. It’s got several dozen businesses on there. As the creator of the website explained, “for those who are unvaccinated or don’t have identification, the businesses on that website are the only places they can go out to eat with the family.”

As for what city officials have to say about the website, they’re less than enthusiastic. Mitch Schwartz, the spokesperson for Mayor Bill de Blasio, said that “It’s odd and disappointing that some people are crowd-sourcing ways to make New York City less safe from COVID-19.”

Is it really that odd, though? Prior to the vaccine being available, people were able to go where they wanted to as long as there was a mask being worn. Why are the masks no longer good enough?

NYC has also decided to ignore science. How many publications from John Hopkins and others have come out to say that if you’ve had COVID, you have natural immunity? We’re not sure how many…but it’s been a lot. Further, studies have shown that natural immunity can actually be stronger than what is provided within the vaccine.

This isn’t about protecting the general population. This is about punishing Americans for not listening to Joe Biden telling us to get the vaccine. And, with the NYC mandates, they’re only punishing more small businesses. As if they haven’t been hurt enough.

And, it’s only a matter of time before Bill de Blasio reports insufficient income from the city. Why? Businesses not making money don’t produce taxes for the city. But the liberals never have been good with math or with common sense.