AOC Shows Arrogance and Selfishness As She Wishes Herself a Happy Birthday

Phil Pasquini /

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has finally proved that she has no friends or family that cares about her, and she has a split personality. The old girl decided that she had not received enough birthday congratulations that she was going to wish herself a happy birthday on social media. The drama queen act was an attempt to get her illustrious followers to act and feed her ego and to boost her popularity in her mind.

Ocasio-Cortez has set up a personalized fan club that she needs to feed her praise. Without her fan base, she starts feeling alone, and she cannot stand the fact that no one cares what she is up to with her personal life.

Every time she marches out in public, she expects her paparazzi to be standing on the curbs as she struts the red carpet. Politics to her is nothing more than a liberal Hollywood where she can grow fat and rich off the taxpayer’s money.

She is content to act like a drama queen as long as people do not speak to her rudely or disagree with her. The moment any person speaks out against her is the time when her secret enforcers show up and threaten to kill the would-be naysayer.

But for no one to wish her a happy birthday boggles her mind. She cannot fathom why people are not idolizing her birthday and waiting up at night to be the first to send messages of love and joy to her. The truth is that no one cares what she does because she is the biggest fake that walks in Washington.

Ordinary people do not look in the mirror and wish themselves a happy birthday, and they move through the day like any other day. But for Ocasio-Cortez, she needs it to happen, or her day just is not going to be unique. And maybe it would be extraordinary if she would stop using family for political stunts as she did with her grandmother earlier in the year.

The post in question reads, “Happy birthday to our fearless leader, Rep. AOC! 🥳

Thank you for exemplifying what it means to show up for community every single day and for never being afraid to propose the boldest solutions to protect the most vulnerable. In solidarity and service, Your NY-14 and DC Staff.”

Everyone knows that this particular post was written by her hand. No one on her staff would ever have access to her personal Twitter account, and it would be too risky for her to allow a stranger to access a personal portal to the world.

And all she could do was claim that she was somehow “processing” the birthday wishes. She was acting like she was surprised, and the only thing she was surprised at was that no one thought of her on her birthday.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the architect of the Green New Deal. It is a deal that calls for the “elimination of all fossil-fuel energy production; the end of all nuclear power; the phase-out of all ‘combustion-engine vehicles’ — so trucks, airplanes, boats, and 99 percent of cars, and the “retrofitting” of every home, factory, and apartment building in the country,” as RedState summarizes it.

The drama queen has her phone stuck in her face every moment of the day, and she cannot miss out on what people are saying about her. And when her fan club failed to send in a few messages on her birthday, she felt the need to help them all out and wish herself a good day.

AOC is the worst role model for people to follow. Her fan club does not follow her because they like her. They follow her because they want to know what evil she has on her mind next. They want to how she is going to screw them over in the future.

The wicked socialist is so stuck on herself that she wishes herself a happy birthday by faking a post from her staff. People who work for the Democratic Party are the last group wishing anything for their bosses. Most of them hate working for them because they are rude, crude, and nasty people.