Republican Business Woman Deborah Flora Running for Senate in Colorado and Targeting ‘Indoctrination Pervading Schools’

Lutsina Tatiana/

Theres a new political sheriff coming to town in left-leaning Colorado. Deborah Flora, a Republican business woman, is throwing her cowboy hat into the ring for a Senate seat. Flora announced her run challenging incumbent Democratic Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO).

Deborah Flora is the president and founder of Parents United America. She is running for this office to combat increasing crime, high inflation, the border crisis, the national debt, and what she calls the political indoctrination pervading our schools.

Floras platform is to stand up for the common ground of common sense that unites people, She said, With out-of-control inflation, skyrocketing crime, a humanitarian disaster at the border, political indoctrination pervading our schools, and the devastating Biden/Bennett agenda that will burden future generations with trillions of dollars in new debtwe are indeed a nation in crisis.

In announcing her campaign for the Washington seat, Flora focused on her record as a businesswoman, and her role as a wife and mother.

She stated, In Washington, career politicians like Bennet and Biden put special interests over the hard-working individuals in Colorado. I am a small business owner, a wife and a mom. I have a proven record of standing strong for our shared values from the School Board to the State House, and now I am ready to stand for all of us in the U.S. Senate.

Flora grew up as an Air Force brat with a father who was an officer. She has had a diverse career in conservative politics, hosting a Denver Radio show as well as working with the Colorado GOP Communications Committee.

She has seen the division politically in our country but she believes that the majority of Coloradans truly want the same thing. They want to pursue their dreams, run their business, and provide for their families. People want a great education for their children and to be able to raise their families in safety and security.

Parents United America exists to promote the idea that parents, not the government, should have primary responsibility and authority over their children. This mission caused Flora to take aim at a Colorado school districts equity program.

At a recent public meeting, Flora explained that the people of her state did not need a more transparent view of a policy that is fundamentally flawed at its heart. According to Fox News, Flora said the existing policy serves to divide students into groups based on their race. She declared that racism to fight racism is still racism.

Flora is going up against her opponent, Senator Michael Bennet. He has been in office since 2010 after being appointed to fill a vacancy, and is seeking a third term in 2022.

Bennett is a vocal supporter of abortion and is opposed to former President Trumps executive order banning Critical Race Theory and white privilege training from federal departments.

When Trump gave the order, Bennett sent a letter to the Trump administration officials detailing his concerns over the CRT ban. He said that training sessions on diversity, equity, and inclusion are important in bringing forward the voices of underrepresented individuals. He said that he believes diversity training sessions seek to inform how the world affects those of different races. He wants public servants to be required to have an understanding of the unique experiences of our nations individuals to adequately serve the public.

After the state of Texas passed the Texas Heartbeat Act, Bennett promised to fight for everyone to have reproductive justice.

He tweeted a message that said allowing the Texas abortion ban is a direct threat to womens rights, not only in Texas, but across the country. He vowed to never stop fighting for reproductive justice for every single person.

It’s clear who the right person to win the Senate race is…