North Koreans Bash Bricks with Heads…Should We Be Scared?


We’ve always known that North Korea marches to the beat of a different drum. How can they not when they’re being led by Kim Jong Un? The leader is a complete lunatic who makes open threats at will.

North Korea has decided that they want to show off just how powerful they are. They have flown planes, launched weapons, and even shown off how their soldiers are capable of breaking apart bricks with their heads.

It’s a show of force, but we’re not sure exactly how to process the information.

Kim Jong Un isn’t feeling the love from the United States. Why? Because Biden hasn’t bothered to reach out to him. Former President Trump knew that Kim Jong Un had a fragile ego and knew when to stroke it. That’s not being done, and the North Korean leader felt that it was time to flex.

The North Korea Defense Development Exhibition showed that the soldiers are quite powerful. After all, not everyone can break apart bricks using their heads. But, again, is that a good thing?

The soldiers may be amazing when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. Realistically, though, if push came to shove and we had to go to war with North Korea, it would likely never come down to hand-to-hand combat. It would be all about who could drop the most and the most destructive bombs the fastest. We’d use missiles and we’d use bullets.

Our soldiers wouldn’t have to prove themselves by bashing through brick walls using only their heads. The only thing that would accomplish is traumatic brain injury – and perhaps North Koreans have dealt with too many TBIs to count.

The video provided by the North Korea Defense Development shows how two soldiers can bend a single rod attached to their necks. Then, they go shirtless onto a mat where they break glass.

Okay, we get it. The North Korean soldiers are fearless. They’re powerful. They’re well-trained.

This is not what war in the 21st century looks like, though. Surely, Kim Jong Un knows that…right?

As the Military Times observed and tweeted, “Nice to know they’re prepared to take on anyone in 17th-century warfare.”

Kim Jong Un is looking to create an “invincible” army. Unless they are bullet-proof, though, their current level of training hardly seems relevant.

As we watch the video and we look at just how muscular the troops are, it’s hard not to wonder what we have to go up against such displays. We have four branches of the military. Five if you count the Coast Guard under the Department of Homeland Security.

While we don’t have entire armies capable of bending metal rods with their necks and it’s unlikely that many would want to send their heads crashing into bricks, we have men and women who are physically superior. We have Special Forces. We have Green Berets. We have SEALS.

There’s another question that we must ask. Is all of this display supposed to be interpreted as an open threat to the United States? No. At least not yet, anyway.

Kim Jong Un has said that it’s purely for defense. He is not declaring war on the U.S. or South Korea.

Hmmm, it’s interesting to show off such “defensive” capabilities. Perhaps the U.S. needs to make its own video to remind them that while we may have a weak president, we don’t have a weak military.