Trump’s Remain in Mexico Program is Making a Comeback


The southern border is a hot mess…and we all know who is to blame. While it would be easy to point to Kamala Harris since she was the one tasked with fixing the problem, it’s really not her fault. She’s just the useless politician who stood by and watched it get worse.

The real blame sits squarely on President Biden’s shoulders. He got rid of the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” program which kept the migrants from running amok in the U.S.

Biden got rid of “Remain in Mexico” and launched “Catch and Release” instead.

It didn’t work. It resulted in tens of thousands of illegal migrants penetrating the interior of the U.S. on a monthly basis. Now, to save face, the Biden administration has had to admit some of where they went wrong. And, of course, this is only after months of everyone knowing that they were to blame all along.

The administration will be reinstating the “Remain in Mexico” program that was created by former President Donald Trump in September, according to a CBS News Report.

Oh, thank goodness.

The reality is that this should have happened months ago. A federal judge ordered the administration to reinstate the policy back in August. Attorneys general in Missouri and Texas had made the request.

The reason that the administration didn’t listen is that they still couldn’t admit that there was a problem.

The “Remain in Mexico” program was heavily criticized by the liberals because tens of thousands of migrants who weren’t from Mexico were forced to remain there until they could get an asylum hearing in the U.S.

Really, though…so what? Let them stay there. After all, it should be Mexico’s problem since Mexico didn’t manage to stop them as they traveled throughout the southern country. At any time, Mexican officials could have stopped the migrants from traveling from Central America up to the U.S.-Mexico border. Since they didn’t, it’s their problem to deal with.

The Biden administration has to abide by the judge’s order “in good faith” because it is now a legal requirement. However, according to a Biden administration official, an appeal is being considered so that the policy can be ended just as soon as it goes into effect.

The policy will start in “mid-November” in the event that Mexico agrees.

We shouldn’t really hold our breath on this one. If Mexico doesn’t agree, Biden won’t punish the country. He’ll probably give them a stern look and point his finger. That’s about all he’s done with Russia and China. It’s why the entire world thinks that they can do what they want right now. Who’s going to stop them? Old Man Biden? Yeah, sure…

The Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) was put into place to ensure that Mexico handles the migrants fairly. However, the Biden administration wants to restructure the MPP, which includes requiring Mexico to offer legal aid for the migrants and to work through asylum cases faster.

One Biden administration official has already identified that the “Remain in Mexico” program is only being brought back because they have been legally ordered to do so. They don’t want to fix the border crisis. They like the added population because it will help them to win more elections. “Reimplementation is not something that the administration has wanted to do. We are doubling down on the affirmation of our decision to terminate MPP.”

Oh, and if border cities thought they had it bad now, wait until the tent facilities go up. The Biden administration has, according to CBS News, hired contractors to create tent facilities in both Laredo and Brownsville, Texas. This will make it easier for migrants in the MPP to attend immigration hearings.