There’s a Reason For the Crime Epidemic in Chicago…

Rex Wholster/
Rex Wholster/

The crime in Chicago has been getting increasingly worse. People are getting shot. While some of it has to do with gang warfare erupting on the streets, some of it is simply because someone was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

No one should have to worry about taking a stray bullet as they drive down the expressway or as they head to the supermarket. Yet, that’s what the Windy City has to offer at the moment.

It’s the epitome of liberal leadership gone wrong. Mayor Lori Lightfoot is ill-prepared to manage the city let alone reduce the crime.

However, there’s a reason why there’s a crime epidemic happening. Chicago Alderman Brian Hopkins was featured in an interview on CNN’s “New Day.” He addressed the problem, saying that there’s an officer shortage. It’s hard to recruit officers in today’s age because there’s an “anti-police environment, nationwide.”

Well, that will do it. Who wants to become a police officer when the city has all but defunded the department? Who wants to wear a badge when the mayor and all of her liberal lackeys do everything they can to actively hate those who wear blue?

Alderman continues to explain what’s going on and why the crime rates aren’t going down. “Right now, actually, we’re down probably about 10% from what would normally be our fully-staffed levels. That has nothing to do with vaccination and everything to do with the difficulty in recruiting and training police officers in what really is an anti-police environment, nationwide.”

With armed robberies, shootings, and carjackings happening regularly, often in broad daylight, it’s hard to address it all when the department isn’t fully staffed.

The crime is happening everywhere, too. It’s not just in downtown. It’s happening in residential neighborhoods throughout the city. This means that the police officers who are still employed by the department are spread too thin.

Now, if the mayor knows that there is a crime epidemic, she knows that she has to do something. She can’t possibly be okay with seeing 40, 50, or even 60 people shot every weekend. Yet, that’s exactly what she seems content with since the headlines continue to be disturbing week after week.

Lightfoot could do something. She could make sure that the police know how appreciated they are. She could make sure that they have the funding needed to protect the city. She could even do appreciation events where she invites the community out to see all that the police do.

Many cities that have realized that law enforcement is struggling to hire have launched appreciation days. Businesses rally to provide discounts to officers. The community honors the work that’s being done. Schools say “thank you” by inviting officers out to the classrooms and sending hand-drawn cards and pictures.

It’s hard to be at your best when you feel as though you’re constantly being kicked to stay down. That’s what’s happening in Chicago right now. The only thing that Lightfoot seems to know how to do is kick the law enforcement down. And, her liberal city officials are doing the same thing.

Crime is surging across Chicago and there is a way to fix it. Let law enforcement do what they do best. Let them serve and protect. However, they can serve and protect more efficiently when they are fully staffed.

All it takes is showing some appreciation. The problem is, in Chicago, police are seen as the enemy. Gangs are allowed to run wild, even if it means that grandma catches a stray bullet on her way to church on Sunday.