NBA Player Jonathan Isaac Speaks Out About the Absurd COVID Mandates

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While many athletes have spoken out about COVID mandates, the NBA has largely had a ‘go along to get along’ style mentality throughout this pandemic. Recently, Bradley Beal, Draymond Green, and now Jonathan Isaac have decided to come forward and speak up. Given the size of their contracts and the silence from the rest of the league, this is a touch of a surprise.

Isaac took some time to speak out with Fox News, and he didn’t hold back at all. “…there aren’t scientific, legal, or to me moral grounds for the vaccine mandate. I think when you take into account the nature of COVID and the nature of the vaccine that doesn’t stop infection or transmission, the nature of natural immunity that hasn’t been talked about, and then obviously the polarization by the media that has created such distrust.”

He hit the nail squarely on the head here. People have been taking this stance across the globe for some time now and having someone from the NBA actually take a stance here is nothing less than what we need. Given the coverage professional athletes get on the news and with kids, taking the hard stance of questioning the Government about the virus is crucial. Questioning the NBA on its tactics is even better.

Since this whole mess started, basketball players were forced into strict ‘no outsiders’ quarantine at Disney World to finish the last season. Masks and testing all around. This year, they are being forced to mask up off the court. They are barred from eating with the team or attending activities with the team if unvaccinated. Yet, they walk out the tunnel and play games without the masks either. Given that Isaac has already had COVID and as such has antibodies to fight it, why would the vaccine make a difference?

In Isaac’s eyes, a lot of this has to do with mainstream media and their lies about the virus and about people fighting it off. “If this thing is just about protecting people and protecting the public health, why does CNN have to lie about Joe Rogan taking ‘horse dewormer,’ or why does the Rolling Stone have to willfully misrepresent my position on the vaccine or COVID? Why do these things have to happen if it’s just about protecting people?” Once again, he’s completely correct here.

After Rogan announced he had contracted COVID, he also announced he was being treated and what he was doing to fight the disease. While yes he was given ivermectin by his doctor, it was in conjunction with other treatments, and thus was a successful recovery. It was not ‘horse dewormer’ as Don Lemon and CNN loved to lie about. The combination of treatments has proven largely successful for many patients, as opposed to the ‘straight to the ventilator’ mindset that was prevalent when COVID first struck.

Jonathan Isaac has been a rather ‘quiet’ player in the NBA. He has refused the kneeling protests or the idea of wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt. He took the stance that it wasn’t going hand-in-hand with saving black lives, and he was right. It was a hollow protest that did nothing more than cause more division, and it’s something we are still seeing in other leagues. For him to take a stance now gives more muscle to it. Given the number of people fighting to keep their jobs despite these vaccine mandates, perhaps it’s time he gets the respect and admiration for standing up and saying ‘this is wrong, and I won’t do it.’