To the Surprise of No One Biden Has the Biggest Approval Rating Drop Since 1953

archna nautiyal /
archna nautiyal /

Another day, another drop in the approval polls for President Biden. Given his lack of interface with the people, his disrespect for the 13 service members killed in Afghanistan, the attempts to force vaccine mandates, and his bumbling through any speaking opportunity this should surprise absolutely no one.

Now to be fair to him, the last three Democratic Presidents have all had drops in their first three-quarters of presidency. However, going from an average of 56% to 44.7% is the biggest drop in ratings since 1953. Obama dropped 10%, Clinton 7%, and Jimmy Carter 9%. The last raise during this time frame was John F. Kennedy who rose 2.5%.

Biden must now face the music. The American people are tired of seeing their President spending time away from the press, on vacation, and away from the White House. They need a leader who will be active. Much like a business cannot run with a CEO on PTO more than half the time, the country cannot run with a leader who spent 109 days (partial or full) away from the White House in the first 275 days in office. By comparison, Donald Trump had 61 days, Barrack Obama used up 40, and George W. Bush 84.

The leaders of the past knew that consistency is key. Yes, the office is incredibly demanding. We’ve all seen the early versus the end of term portraits of the President over the years. It’s a role that wreaks havoc over sleep, mental state, and family. Everything is different; even if you were a Vice President for 8 years, only ending 4 years ago.

To get this approval rating up, Biden has a rough road ahead of him. He needs to toughen up and be there more for the people. He needs to tackle the topics that were a part of his campaign like student load debt, Veteran’s health care, restoring the economy, and lowering inflation. These are all topics with easy answers if he’d just show up to work.

It’s like all our parents told us when we skipped school; you have got to show up to learn. You have got to show up to get the job done. You must show up to be taken seriously. That doesn’t change when you become President Joe. Now he could simply ignore these numbers, but instead, he mocks them. As if the opinion of the people is meaningless.

Joe, it is you who have proven to be meaningless. You botched the plan to end COVID, despite it being laid out for you like a road trip. You ignored the blueprints for exiting Afghanistan and acted surprised when it turned into a bloodbath. You’ve let the people lose their jobs, and through your inability to act, you’re letting shipments stack up at the ports, and shelves go empty.

Making his way back into the American people’s good graces is going to take time, patience, and dedication. He won’t do it by calling for the firing of first responders for not getting the jab. It won’t come back by allowing Buttigieg to pass the buck on shortages to other countries and their COVID issues. And, it damn sure won’t come back by checking his watch at a servicemember’s dignified transfer as they come home from war.

Granted he’s already done each of those. He’ll need to tap the strategic reserves to lower America’s dependence on foreign oil (funny how we were selling oil when Trump was in office). He’ll need to take steps to get more port workers getting ships in. He can do it by showing servicemembers and their families the respect they deserve. Canceling out student loans would help, too. He could also legalize marijuana at a national level. Now the question is if he can stay at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue long enough to do any of those.