At Least One County Is on the Brink of Civil War Over Libs Wanting To Erase History in Its Schools…CRT Is Nonsense…if It Happened…It Happened

Mark Carrel/
Mark Carrel/

The abbreviation CRT no longer stands for the archaic cathode-ray tube computers of yesteryear. As life around us has become more advanced and complex, the three letters are now interpreted as “critical race theory.” CRT is a wildly constructed theory which claims there is no such thing as different human races. We’re all identical peas in an identical pod. Any thought beyond that is purely imaginative. 

Loosely defined, CRT is an intellectual and social movement consisting of a loose framework of scholars and analysts who believe that race is not a natural or biologically grounded occurrence. Racial differences were created by humankind for the sole purpose of oppressing and exploiting people of color. In short; We created our differences, inclusive of the physical features we can only see because of how we tainted society as a means of control. Got it…

Believers of this unscientific gibberish are remarkably growing in number and a good many of the cuckoo converts are parents of school-aged children. These parents would just as soon host a huge bonfire fueled by every American history book in every school in every state of the country. How dare anyone teach children the truth about how things really went down. Some things are better left alone.

School systems around the nation are battling with the wannabe changers of history, but perhaps none so much as the one in Guilford, Connecticut where civil war is about to bust a move. The blues and the reds have geared up. 

It all started over a kid going to a home football game with his face painted black. The other kids, knowing it wasn’t racially motivated, all thought it was funny. Some of the parents? Not so much… Next on their list of grievances came the school’s mascot name, the Indians. 

Immediately following the George Floyd incident, district leaders throughout Guilford County vowed to clamp down and start addressing social injustice and racism within its school system. This included a review of the teaching materials being used, i.e., history books.

But as the leaders began to liberally roar, an overwhelming majority of the county’s citizens began roaring back at them to shut the hell up. They went as far as to call for the superintendent’s firing via a signed petition. 

Guilford County has a scheduled election just around the corner and so far, the top contender is an extremely vocal conservative activist who knocked out three incumbent Republicans who were too tame in their approaches. With the GOP’s firm endorsement in hand, the ultimate goal is a total takeover of the school board that will, then, vote to leave things just the way they are and always have been.

As silly of a notion as CRT is, liberal candidates around the country have adopted it as a rallying cry whether they believe the foolishness or not. Their screams for diversity and inclusion have nothing to do with fair treatment or with forgiving anyone for the past transgressions of ancestors they never knew. Their fix would be to erase the past like it never happened. Poof…

Naturally, Guilford County has its share of liberals just like every other county is plagued with and they’re already rallying around the flagpole as they will continue to do between now and election day. Also, naturally, opposing conservatives don’t like them flaunting their nonsense in full display. If the radiation from the heat could be harnessed, the entire county would have free electricity for a year.

The critical race theory must surely have been developed by a caterpillar on a mushroom. Who knows how or where these LSD-induced fantasies come from, but even the slightest dose of reality isn’t even later edited into the illusion as hindsight. Who can argue with a hookah-smoking insect?

At least this much we can be certain. Conservatives prefer owning up to their mistakes so as to never repeat them. Liberals prefer sweeping them under the rug so they can happen again, and again, and….

Aren’t you glad to be a conservative? Don’t ya’ wish everybody was?