Liberal Media Cries Because Biden Is Getting Picked On

LightField Studios/
LightField Studios/

Either the liberals have forgotten how ruthless they were when Donald Trump was in office or they think that it’s different for them. It’s likely a bit of both. Either way, the liberal media is tired of everyone picking on President Biden.

The “Let’s Go, Brandon” chants have gotten so popular that it’s hard to tune them out. And, one rapper cleverly turned it into a bestselling song on iTunes.

Washington Post was triggered by it that they decided that it was time to address the chant. “Biden’s critics [were hurling] increasingly vulgar taunts” at Biden.

Shouldn’t they be thankful that most crowds have turned to the PG chant? After all, “Let’s Go Brandon” is so much cleaner than “F*** Joe Biden.”

They commented how insults and jeers are nothing new for politicians. Many former presidents have been heckled and have had to deal with protests at events and along motorcade routes. However, this is when they really start to cry. “The current eruption of anti-Biden signs and chants, however, is on another level, far more vulgar and widespread.”

Really? It wasn’t that long ago that comedian Kathy Griffin made a joke that involved holding a bloody head of Trump in her hands. Oh, but sure…Biden has it so much worse.

The liberal media could blame Biden for the insults that are being hurled his way. He is the cause for it thanks to the way he’s kept everyone in lockdown, raised the cost of gas, gotten Americans killed in Afghanistan, and the list goes on and on.

But, no. The Democrats are the party that will point fingers instead of taking the blame. And who do you think that they’re going to point the finger at? Donald Trump. Yep. It’s his fault. And it’s also Trump Jr.’s fault.

The Washington Post published a story that said that the “Let’s Go, Brandon” chant was said during a September event where Trump Jr spoke at.

Ehh, but that’s not true. The “Let’s Go, Brandon” version didn’t start until early October when a NASCAR reporter misheard the “F*** Joe Biden” chant. As such, Trump Jr. saw the tweet and said that “I demand a retraction and a correction.”

The Washington Post gave it to him, too. They explained how the previous version of the article incorrectly said a crowd broke into the chant. They tweeted that “The crowd broke into a “F— Joe Biden!” chant at that speech in September. The error, which was inserted by an editor, has been corrected.”

The liberal media outlet made it worse for themselves and Trump Jr had some fun at their expense. He tweeted “This is the greatest correction in the history of journalism.”

It might not be the greatest, but it certainly is spectacular. We should make sure we know exactly what the crowds are chanting about the president. Whether it’s “Let’s Go, Brandon” or it’s F*** Joe Biden,” the sentiment is the same. People are sick and tired of the president caring more about every other nation’s citizens than its own. And the media can’t even deny it considering that tens of thousands of migrants still make their way into the US through the southern border every month.

If the liberal media wants to cry about Biden getting picked on, maybe Biden should actually start doing his job. Otherwise, there’s going to be a lot worse being chanted in the streets the next time Biden drives by in his motorcade.