Biden Confesses to Preschooler He ‘Avoids Answering’ Questions

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While taking even more time away from the White House, President Joe Biden met with preschoolers at North Plainfield school while in town to lobby for New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy. Given the level of mental comprehension levels of both politicians, it seems like they knew their target audience.

A young boy named Landen wore a shirt reading ‘Future President’, and it caught Sleepy Joe’s eye. Taking a moment to advise the young lad, Biden let him in on a secret. “You know, when you’re president, you see all these people here? They’re with you all of the time. They get to ask you all kinds of questions. And you got to figure out how you can avoid answering them sometimes.” What legendary advice.

While no response from the little boy was notable, it certainly seems like Biden knows what to tell a preschooler. Unfortunately for him, the American people are (mostly) a touch more educated, and demand just a little bit more from their leadership. Despite this, Biden’s quote proves accurate.

More and more reporters have had their questions go either completely ignored or given a nonsensical answer by Biden or his Press Secretary Jen Psaki. These two have become the king and queen of bumbling fools in this administration. Neither one can give a straight answer without blaming someone else or taking all the credit when it’s a positive thing in their liberal ‘brain’.

Considering the time Biden and his puppets are wasting on campaigning for other people’s elections, or on vacation, it’s a wonder the White House hasn’t posed a ‘help wanted’ ad for the missing President. When he’s even there, he can’t be bothered to do his job. It’s all rhetoric and lies 24/7.

Even this visit was rhetoric, as his social spending bill would provide financial support for pre-schooling for 3 and 4-year-olds with federal funds. At least these are the people Biden can relate to, and his jokes largely land with these people. While they may be the future, are they really who Biden should be best at communicating with, or should he find the brainpower to communicate with the tax-paying and voting people more?

Fortunately, with the 2022 election season about to hit our doorsteps, there could be change on the horizon. With many battleground seats up for grabs, there could be a big shift in leadership at the State’s federally elected officials and local leadership levels. This could really change our landscape, and with any luck, the left will find their ‘progressive’ agenda derailed, and Biden could find himself being forced to answer questions.

One question was left unanswered; how many children did this habitual sniffer get a whiff of? From the videos released, it would appear as if two to three kids got within the nasal range of this scentophile. Still two to three kids too many.

Any way you slice it, the President telling kids he ignores questions plants a dangerous seed in their minds. If the President doesn’t have to answer his security detail, the press, or the American people, why do they have to answer their teachers? In a child’s mind, that question would make a lot of sense, and they would have a point, to a degree. The President should be setting an example of what right looks like. They should be someone kids can look up to, and adults can look to for inspiration and respect. These qualities aren’t obtained by ducking questions or ignoring the will of the American people.