NBC Poll Show’s What Every Intelligent American Knows- the U.S. Is on the Wrong Track

Natanael Ginting/
Natanael Ginting/

Sunday’s Meet The Press on NBC has some scary figures for Democrats hoping to keep things going forward. Anchor Chuck Todd presented the results of their latest poll, and if you haven’t had your head in the sand, it shouldn’t surprise you at all.

“We have a brand new NBC news poll out this morning still with some scary news for the Democrats. The overarching message, Americans have lost their confidence in President Joe Biden and their optimism for the country. At least they have right now. Just 22% of adults say we are headed in the right direction. A shocking 71% say we’re on the wrong track and that includes a near majority of Democrats who are saying that.” This statement by Todd is something you can see just going down the road of most American cities.

People wearing Trump 2024 hats, bumper stickers about Biden needing to go, or flags promoting how backward America has become are everywhere. The efforts by this administration to undermine the American way of life in the face of the pandemic are sickening. They have tried taking America out at its knees, and crippling our very way of life by putting Americans into more programs most of us don’t need or want, and doing it under the guise of ‘what is best’.

The people know what is best, and the move towards a communist system is not what we need. If anything, we need more ways to become less dependent on government programs to sustain and grow our way of life. Given the housing bubble that is growing (and looking ready to burst), the rampant unemployment or under-employment due to employers not wanting to pay a fair wage or provide opportunities is disgusting.

It’s not just the menial jobs that are having this problem. It’s in every industry. As these companies are crying out about people not wanting to work, and people are screaming at people taking the government unemployment benefits, ample people are looking for work. However, who wants to go and earn a Bachelor’s degree to be paid $17 an hour, or a Master’s degree for $40,000 a year? That kind of money may have been able to support a family, and buy a house in 1990, but not in 2021.

Biden and his supporters should be just as alarmed as Todd’s comments seemed to be by these poll responses. “President Biden’s approval rating stands at a dismal 42% versus 54% who disapprove. Believe it or not, just two months ago, Mr. Biden was in positive territory, 49 approving. So what’s pulling down the president’s numbers? Look at this set of numbers, just 37% say he has the ability to handle a crisis versus a majority who say he does not. Thirty-seven percent also say he’s competent and effective as president. 50% disagree with that description. What’s more, Republicans, believe it or not, have double-digit leads in dealing with border security, inflation, crime, national security, the economy, and, shockingly, on getting things done. Democrats hold generally smaller double-digit leads on dealing with climate change, the coronavirus, education, and abortion. That’s really it right now.”

If this administration cannot fix their ways, they could find themselves being shoved out of office, and the Republicans may need to find a way to fix all their botches. Any way this turns out, the American people are losing with Democrats in office, and there is no solution in sight for the near term. All we can do is hold out hope for things to get back on the right side. Until then, small victories with the 2021 minor elections, and the 2022 election cycle are our only hopes for things getting better in America.