McAuliffe’s Concession to Youngkin is as Dry & Boring as He Is


We know that Glenn Youngkin won the gubernatorial election in Virginia. It was a sweet moment for the GOP because it meant that those in the commonwealth were sick and tired of the empty promises being offered up by the Democrats.

Terry McAuliffe already had his shot at being the governor of Virginia. And, based on the fact that he didn’t pull out the W, it shows that people didn’t want to give him another shot.

Now, we have to give kudos to McAuliffe who delivered a concession speech quickly. He didn’t demand a recount and he didn’t drag it out for days. He was cordial enough…but it also showed just how dry and boring the man really is.

Voters across the state are energized at the thought of having GOP leadership taking over in a few short months. And, McAuliffe could have easily jumped onto this energy to properly congratulate Youngkin and express how he’s excited to see what’s to come for the state.

That didn’t happen.

McAuliffe’s concession was posted on Twitter the morning after the election. He mentioned that while they “came up short,” he is proud of his campaign and how they fought for the values they believe in.

It’s odd that he says that he’s proud of those values when it’s literally the reason that he lost. The reason that Youngkin won is that he has very different values. McAuliffe goes on to say that “We must protect Virginia’s great public schools and invest in our students.”

No one’s going to contest that…but the “we” will not include him. It will be Youngkin and his lieutenant governor Winsome Sears who will be doing the protecting and investing. And they actually believe in letting the parents have a say in what’s being taught…unlike McAuliffe who fought tooth and nail to keep parents out of the decision-making process.

McAuliffe did try to be cordial saying “Congratulations to Governor-Elect Glenn Youngkin on his victory. I hope Virginians will join me in wishing the best to him and his family.”

That’s really all he had to say about the candidate who kicked his butt in the polls. And, honestly, it sounded like the same canned response that almost all Democrats use in their concession speeches. It’s as if they have a template that they use with an [insert name here] memo.

There were no other words spoken in his concession speech regarding the GOP and how he hopes that Youngkin will make the commonwealth proud.

Instead, McAuliffe quickly moved on to thank his wife, his family, and the supporters that helped him knock on doors across the state. He was also quick to remind people that he served as the 72nd governor of the state and that it was the “highest honor” of his life. He ended the concession by saying that he will never stop fighting to make the state “stronger and brighter for all.”

Is that to mean that McAuliffe plans to run again when Youngkin is done with his term? It’s a possibility, but there’s nothing that has been mentioned in an official capacity.

Since McAuliffe wasn’t capable of being uplifting, we’ll do it for him. Let’s hear it for Glenn Youngkin. We’re excited to see all that a conservative voice can bring to the people of Virginia.