Blinken Pushed on Whether Sanctions Were Enough to Keep Iran from Killing Americans


Antony Blinken, the Secretary of State, was prodded on Sunday over the White House administration’s move to put sanctions on Iran. This was in response to an Iranian drone attack on U.S. soldiers. Blinken was questioned on whether this would be enough to stop the nation from wanting to kill Americans in the future.

The Secretary of State was making an appearance on CBS News’ “Face The Nation” with host Margaret Brennan. He made remarks there while discussing the Biden administration’s attempts to rein in Iran’s nuclear program.

Blinken was specifically asked whether the U.S. would consider military action against Iran to stop their nuclear program. He responded with the typical response that every option was on the table.

Blinken, then, went on to share that it was important to realize that Iran was moving forward “aggressively” with their nuclear program. He said that the time it would take for Iran to produce enough fissile material for one nuclear weapon is getting “shorter and shorter.” He also explained, “The other thing that’s getting shorter is the runway we have where, if we do get back into compliance with the agreement and Iran gets back into compliance, we actually recapture all of the benefits of the agreement. Iran is learning enough, doing enough, so that’s starting to be a problem.”

The Secretary of State reiterated that Iran, in fact, carried out a drone attack directly on U.S. Forces in Syria. And in response to that attack, the U.S. announced sanctions against Iran. That is when Margaret Brennan asked: “Do you think sanctions are going to stop Iran from trying to kill Americans?”

Blinken responded, “The president is very much prepared to take whatever action is appropriate at a time and place of our choosing by whatever means are appropriate to prevent and stop Iran from engaging in these activities or its proxies engaging in these activities.”

Secretary Blinken also appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union.” He declared that the United States is “absolutely in lockstep together” with Germany, France, and the United Kingdom on coordinating a plan to get Iran back into a nuclear agreement. And he reiterated that the administration continues to believe that diplomacy is the best way to deal with the challenges and the threat that is raised by Iran’s nuclear program.

Blinken also revealed that President Biden has met with his German, French, and British counterparts to discuss dealing with the threat of Iran’s nuclear program. The administration has said that it wants to be a part of an agreement with Iran, but that the talks in Vienna have not brought resolution to the outstanding issues.

Officials in Iran have indicated that they will come back to the table for talks in Vienna before the end of November. But the Biden administration is skeptical of the country’s intentions.

“There’s still a window through which Iran can come back to the talks, and we can come back to mutual compliance with the agreement, and that would be the best result. But it really depends on whether Iran is serious about doing that,” Blinken said.

He also noted on CNN that if Iran did not choose to engage in serious conversation regarding compliance, then the United States along with other countries would look “at all of the options necessary to deal with this problem.”

Secretary Blinken said that he believes it is important that our allies get together in this effort. He said they were very much on the “same page in terms of the path forward.” And, they were looking to see if Iran was “serious.”