Newsom’s COVID Case Numbers Explode, While DeSantis’ Are Cut

Graham Hughes /
Graham Hughes /

According to leftist liberals and mandate-friendly ‘experts,’ the reason we are still seeing COVID cases just about anywhere is that conservatives are still refusing to ‘follow the science.’ They believe that since masking, social distancing, and now vaccines have been available for a while, the only reason the virus is still spreading is because of those darn foolhardy rebels who refuse to get vaccinated.

There’s just one problem with that argument: There is literally no evidence or ‘science’ to back it up.

As proof, I give you the red state of Florida and their conservative Governor, Ron DeSantis.

Like most states, when the virus initially hit and so much was still unknown about it, DeSantis followed the guidelines of those like White House appointed expert Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevent, better known as the CDC.

As DeSantis told Fox News on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” in April, “When they did the ’15 days to slow the spread’ and some of that stuff, you know, we followed that.” But as he began to get more information, more data, more science, he began to draw the conclusion that maybe shutting everything down and taking away people’s freedoms wasn’t the best way to handle the situation.

He said, “I think that it took me a few weeks – March and into April – to get enough data to say, ‘OK, you know, we’re not doing Faucism. You know, we’re going to make sure our state’s open. We’re going to get the kids back into school, and we’ll just focus our protection on elderly people, who are the ones at risk.”

And he’s done that.

He reopened schools, businesses, beaches, and borders. In addition, he didn’t require masks everywhere. And when the vaccines came out, he didn’t require those either. According to him, they “chose freedom over Faucism.”

And it’s paid off.

Today, Florida has some of the lowest active COVID case numbers in the nation. And for a state that is known for its year-round tourism, as well as its larger than average elderly populations, that’s saying something.

According to the CDC, Florida has a seven-day case rate of about 49.9 cases per capita or 100,000 people.

In comparison, more liberal states like New York and California, where mandates seem to be all the rage and school closures are still a thing, have more than double that.

Per the CDC’s records on Tuesday, the Golden State has a case rate of about 112.2 per 100,000. And New York’s is even worse, at nearly triple of that of Florida’s.

As former CIA officer Buck Sexton and radio host Clay Travis pointed out on one of their recent podcast sessions, that’s a 61 percent increase for California in just the past 14 days. Similarly, the pair notes that New York’s cases are also up, by some 11 percent in the last two weeks.

Meanwhile, Florida’s case rates are going down by about 20 percent so far, just as the colder winter weather begins to arrive, which should have the opposite effect.

“Yet there are almost no stories – New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC….”

Isn’t that odd?

For months now, DeSantis’ name and state have been dragged through the mud. DeSantis has been criticized for not leaning into Faucism, for not mandating the mandates. On the other hand, California and its liberal Governor Gavin Newsom has been praised at nearly every turn, despite record infection rates and deaths.

And yet that it seems the liberal way of doing things hasn’t panned out so well, there is nothing but utter silence.

So-called experts on the subject, such as Professor of Health Metrics Sciences at the University of Washington, Ali Mokdad, are left completely confused. Mokdad told the San Jose Mercury News that according to the leftist believed science, what Newsom has done in the state should have “rewarded” them much more. And yet, it seems “you’re paying for your success, which is weird.”

Could it be that the left just isn’t right about all this? That complete and utter control of the American people isn’t the way to go?

Shocking, I know… But that certainly seems to be the case.

And as Travis and Sexton point out, those trend lines of liberal state case numbers only seem to be getting worse, while states like Florida and Texas are only getting better.