Former Obama Doctor Says Biden is Unfit and Obama Accuses Him of Betrayal

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I don’t think anyone can deny that loyalty is a good thing. However, I also believe that too much of it can be a major fault. And for most in the Democratic Party, they are absolutely brimming with it.

Take the case of retired Navy doctor and first-term Texas Representative Ronny Jackson.

Jackson may be a registered Republican, but for many, including former President Barack Obama, his loyalties should lie with the political left. Why?

Well, because as a physician and a good one at that, Jackson had the honor of serving as Obama’s doctor during his tenure in the White House. And after Obama, Jackson served former President Donald Trump in the same capacity.

Apparently, that time in service to the Democrats should have made him wholly loyal and indebted to them. And recently, Obama thinks that loyalty has been betrayed.

As you may know, Jackson has come out on several occasions since Joe Biden has taken over the Oval Office to say that our current commander in chief’s mental health may not be up to the tasks required of him.

In the most recent example of this, Jackson appeared for a podcast session with Republican Representative Jim Banks to discuss Biden’s health. And what he said of the president was pretty damning. Or at least it should have been.

He explained that, unlike most medical doctors, he had had the unique experience of knowing exactly what goes into being our nation’s top leader. He knows what it requires of them physically and mentally and “how demanding it is.” To say the least, he’s had an insider’s view of what it takes to do the job and do it well and from both political sides, no less.

And what he sees in Biden should be worrisome to every American.

“I can tell you right now, I’m 100 percent sure that Joe Biden is incapable of doing that job.”

Now, he didn’t go into a ton of details, as he has not been privy to Biden’s medical records since the time when both Biden and Jackson were employed at the White House.

However, as a medical professional and one who knew Biden personally in his prime, he says all the signs are there.

“All I know is that he’s got age-related cognitive decline, right? He’s not mentally fit right now. He’s 78 years old and you can see it.”

And for those comments, Obama has accused him of betrayal.

In fact, Jackson told Banks that when he had first come out with these concerns about Biden’s health in a tweet, Obama has sent him a “scathing” email condemning his so-called lack of loyalty.

Jackson said Obama “just tore me up.” The email was apparently an “entire page” chocked full of how Jackson, a man who had once been Obama’s personal doctor, has disappointed him and betrayed his “trust.” In addition, Obama claimed that such concerns and how he announced it was “beneath” an officer in the military.

In fact, Obama said that he saw what Jackson said as a full-out attack on Biden and the entire Democratic Party.

However, it’s not any different than what that same party tried to do to Trump when he ran the White House, is it?

As Jackson pointed out, from nearly the time Trump took office, the liberal left went far out of their way to paint him as a madman, someone “unfit” to lead America. They demanded cognitive tests to prove their line of thinking even.

And while Trump wasn’t keen on having to prove that, as I can imagine anyone would be, Jackson convinced him to do it. After all, if Trump could successfully pass the test, it would be cold hard proof that he wasn’t crazy or insane, right?

The problem is that Biden has outright refused to do the same. No doubt, he was offended like Trump. But if he saw reason and thought there was nothing to hide, why won’t he do it?

The answer, as Jackson has made clear, only muddies the waters even more.