Energy Company Warns Customers of Blackouts if the Progressives Get Their Way

Yevhen Prozhyrko /
Yevhen Prozhyrko /

The progressives don’t care who they harm with their liberal agendas. They’ll close pipelines because they believe that it’s what’s best for the country. Yet, the country isn’t equipped to manage life without the pipelines…at least not yet.

We can’t go green overnight. It takes time.

Yet, that doesn’t matter. The progressives are talking about shutting down another pipeline…and it could be detrimental to a lot of people.

Spire Energy, a Missouri-based power company, depends on the STL Pipeline to provide natural gas to over 1.5 million homes throughout Missouri, Mississippi, and Alabama. They decided that it was time to warn their customers since the federal government is reviewing the STL Pipeline.

During a November 18 hearing, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission will look at revoking the pipeline’s permit.

Spire President Scott Carter decided to email customers to say that “The STL Pipeline was built to support your energy needs, along with those of more than 650,000 homes and businesses in the St. Louis region.” He went on to explain that the pipeline has been safe and operational since 2019 and that it is what has “been bringing even more reliable and affordable natural gas to our community.”

The FERC provided approval to the pipeline in 2018. It travels from Illinois to Missouri. Shortly after it went online in 2019, the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) sued the FERC for approving the pipeline.

A federal appellate court ruled in favor of the EDF in June. It was said that the FERC didn’t analyze the pipeline permit request adequately. That’s what has led to the current review.

This would be yet another pipeline shut down by the Biden administration. This would be yet another pipeline that Americans cannot afford to have shut down. We need to maintain independence on at least some oil, yet the liberal agenda is making that nearly impossible.

The EDF even decided that Spire was “fear-mongering” based on the email to its customers, complete with a warning of blackouts if the pipeline does get shut down.

Is it fear-mongering, though, if what Carter speaks is the truth? Fear-mongering is what Fauci does since he doesn’t speak the truth. Carter, however, says that Spire has a commitment to “remain informative.” All he’s really doing is highlighting the importance of the pipeline.

After all, that seems to be the part of the equation that the Democrats don’t want to pay attention to. They want to look at a pipeline and call it bad. They want to shut down all of the pipelines because they believe that they’re detrimental to the environment. Yet, we don’t have enough solar and wind, and other forms of energy to move forward. It’s too soon to consider closing pipelines.

Carter explained in an email to an NBC affiliate that “we don’t want to alarm customers, but we want to be transparent with everyone about the energy they rely on.”

Someone has to. Because the Biden administration is content to look at everyone and lie. They’ll lie to say that OPEC will provide everything that is needed. They’ll lie to say that the pipelines have to be shut down for “safety” reasons and to ensure that the climate is protected. What they won’t say is that OPEC is a cartel that is looking to control America and that Biden is too dumb to realize it.

At this point, we’re in a “wait and see” period to see what the FERC rules regarding the pipeline and how it will affect Americans if it gets closed.