VA Lt. Governor-Elect Winsome Sears Destroys Biden Over Afghanistan Withdrawal

Eli Wilson /
Eli Wilson /

Simply put, Biden caused Virginia to turn back to the Republicans in the special election, and Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears wasted no time pointing some fireballs at the President over his actions since being in office. Most specifically, the withdrawal of troops and allies from Afghanistan, and how he just forgot about and abandoned people who put their lives in harm’s way.

Lt. Governor Sears and her husband are both Marine veterans and as such, they have strong feelings about this withdrawal. Appearing on Fox News’ The Faulkner Focus, she wasted no time dragging Biden for his shameful treatment of the situation. “My husband and I, we’re both Marines. And when we saw the pullout from Afghanistan, no rhyme, no reason. You just say to yourselves, ‘Who’s in charge? Where’s our commander-in-chief?’… You’re giving your all to the country, and you expect that it won’t be taken lightly. Your life, your sacrifice, the sacrifice that your family back home is making.”

She’s 100% right. Veterans know the sacrifice they made, and large chunks about the sacrifice other veterans also made. While one experience does not mean you know the experience for all; after a tour or two, you get a pretty good understanding of how it is or how it was before. This is a large part of why so many veterans have difficulties discussing their service with non-veterans.

These feelings of not being able to relate go both ways on many issues, and Sears sees this first hand. She has seen how these operational failures with Afghanistan and other missions have affected herself and other veterans. These failures have had people questioning their service; was it all worth it? Did we make the right decisions? What could we have done differently? Yet Biden and his planners sleep soundly with these decisions.

Biden is not a servicemember’s President. He treats the military like his personal errand boys, and people he can use whenever he wants and with no repercussions. His use of the servicemembers to fail Afghanistan and to fail our allies and people we promised to help is a huge slap in the face to those who put their lives on the line.

Lt. Governor Sears is a brave woman. She has not only raised her right hand to help defend freedom, but she is now taking public office to pursue the same defense of liberty and freedom she did as a Marine. Her service to this country gives her a perspective that is largely missing from public office. People who have grown up in the sheltered and closed-off elite lifestyle with beach houses and country clubs have no idea about the realities of life for someone growing up in the projects of the inner city or the wide-open spaces of rural America.

Taking that oath and having that service gives you a glimpse into those lifestyles. Nowhere else will you see a white guy in full cowboy attire snacking on kimchi with a fully tattooed punk rocker as a black man is pouring shots of vodka for the five Korean guys who just showed up. It is truly America’s melting pot, and people who would normally have nothing to do with one another become brothers and sisters. That shared bond of suffering and pain makes them family.

This bond is something they, in turn, shared with the Afghan people who served alongside them. They chased high-valued targets together. They shared intel to pool resources to get closer to accomplishing the missions. These experiences mean that they had to trust one another fully and believe in one another. This trust is only achieved by bonding as servicemembers do back at home. Since they can’t share drinks around a campfire, they would bond over food, shared stories, or intel briefings. Bonds like that take forever to form and don’t break. Biden’s betrayal broke them, and in the process, broke thousands of veterans. Kudos to Lt Governor Sears for calling him out on it.