Green Beret Offers Message of Healing Through New Movie Release

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Veterans often struggle once they part from the military. They struggle with what they have had to do, where they have had to go, and what they have seen throughout their military career. No matter what the Department of Veteran Affairs does, it seems that veterans struggle.

It’s time to heal, or at least that’s what Scott Man is hoping to do. The Green Beret turned playwright released his film just in time for Labor Day. The film, “Last Out: Elegy of a Green Beret” helped him to heal his wounds of war, and is hoping that it will do the same for other veterans.

Lt. Col. Scott Mann based “Last Out” on a variety of true stories from the men and women he worked with. The movie is about a man by the name of Danny Patton, his wife, and his comrades.

Mann himself spent over 20 years in the Army, and nearly all of them were in special forces. Throughout his career, he deployed to such locations as Iraq, Afghanistan, Central America, and South America. Once his time in the Army ended, he explained how he struggled with not only PTSD but also survivor’s guilt. In a 2019 TED Talk, he discussed his emotions and how he almost took his own life at one point.

Storytelling is what helped him to overcome the struggle. “Last Out” was originally supposed to be a five-minute play. Instead, it turned into a full movie that discusses the cost of war.

Mann traveled the U.S. in a U-Haul with a “Last Out” crew to perform in cities throughout 2019. Many would talk with the audience after the show. It was a chance to hear from veterans as well as Gold Star families. Then, it was put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

That’s when Mann decided he wanted to try to reach new audiences. He wanted to record “Last Out” so that it could be released on a major streaming platform. And, this wasn’t a venture to make money. Instead, he wanted proceeds to benefit “The Heroes Journey,” an organization that he created to teach veterans how to find their own voices and how to tell their transition stories.

Throughout the summer, during the withdrawal of Afghanistan, the Taliban marched in as the American troops were pulled out. Veterans scrambled to find ways to get those they worked with in Afghanistan out of the crumbling country. Mann quickly jumped in to help create “Task Force Pineapple,” a rescue effort that would help to get people out.

Donations to the film are now going to the Task Force so that funds will help the veterans who are struggling with the trauma that came from the Afghani collapse.

Mann said, “If you are a civilian watching this, I hope you will have a deeper emotional connection to the service of our veterans and their families beyond ‘thank you for your service.’”

Mann also went on to explain that veterans and the military are the “glue of our nation.”

The movie “Last Out” is supposed to be inspirational. It’s supposed to provide hope to veterans. It’s supposed to help civilians to understand. And, it is an uplifting story to show veterans that there are ways to come out of the military in one piece.

While the Biden administration may not have thought about how the Afghanistan withdrawal would affect troops, veterans often look out for one another. They have come together in order to care for one another. And it’s nice to see that proceeds from this movie can help take care of even more veterans.