Chuck Schumer May Have Finally Met His Match

Ron Adar /
Ron Adar /

Chuck Schumer has been serving in the Senate for over 20 years. At the age of 70, we would think that he’d want to retire so that he can enjoy time with his family. However, he’s falling in the footsteps of other powerful Democrats. He’s going to hold onto the power for as long as he possibly can.

Forget about retiring with grace. The only way it seems that he’s willing to leave Congress is either if he’s defeated or via stretcher.

Now, it seems like the former may actually be a possibility as there is a GOP candidate willing to give the Senate Majority Leader a run for his money.

Aleksander Mici is a Republican, an Albanian immigrant, and someone who has had to flee repressive communism. When Schumer voted to raise taxes, Mici spoke out to say that “I was suffering, like millions of Albanians, under a tyrannical communist dictatorship and struggling to make it to America.”

He said that 30 years after leaving Albania, Democrats are still doing everything they can to raise the costs on Americans…and it’s being done under Schumer’s leadership. He wants to see to it that Americans stop struggling every day.

Mici, who is a resident of the Bronx, just kicked off his campaign on Thursday, November 18.

According to former GOP Senator Al D’Amato, the one Schumer defeated in 1998 to take his current seat, Mici is running an underdog campaign with long odds against him.

D’Amato warns, “Schumer is a popular, hard-working and well-known senator. It’s a tough battle for anyone, let alone an unknown candidate.”

It’s worked in the past, though…and it has worked significantly in the various elections of recent months. After all, we heard about an unknown truck driver who spent less than $300 and was able to defeat the incumbent Democrat in New Jersey.

Sometimes, it’s just seeing an alternative to the candidate that people really don’t want to vote for. And as D’Amato points out, “The only thing the Republicans have going for them is Joe Biden.” The growing unpopularity of the president is leading many people to check boxes outside of their party lines.

Mici has had his eye on holding public office for a while. The Bronx resident and lawyer has run for both City Council and state Senate. During a City Council District 34 race, he won 45 percent of the vote, impressive when you know just how Democratic the district is.

Mici has been outspoken with the message that “The left’s vision for America is not the America that generations of immigrants like me fought to reach.” He is quick to point that his congresswoman (AOC) and his senator (Schumer) are “pushing every day to make our nation look more like the communist dictatorship I fled.”

While Aleksander Mici may not be a well-known in New York, he does have a vital message to share. As someone who has seen communism, he can warn people that it is where the U.S. is headed. And, if he can get enough fundraising dollars behind him, there is certainly a way for him to come out on top. It won’t be an easy win, but it is a win that could be significant in telling the Democrats that their time for pushing liberal and progressive agendas is over.

We’ll leave you with one final comment made by Mici, and it’s something that every GOP candidate seeking to overturn a blue seat should be saying right now. “Enough is enough. America is worth fighting for and I can’t sit on the sidelines while out-of-touch socialists disguised as ‘progressives’ try to destroy our great nation.”