Cruz Admits He’s Blocking Biden’s Nominees Until the President Stops ‘Surrendering to Our Enemies’

Andrew Cline /
Andrew Cline /

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) shared some insight on why he is creating barriers for some of President Joe Biden’s moves politically. Cruz said that he is blocking Biden’s nominees from being confirmed in the Senate because the president is too weak in how he is dealing with the enemies of the United States.

This discourse took place during a “Face the Nation” show on CBS. He was talking with host Margaret Brennan when he was asked if he was playing politics with national security.

Margaret Brennan specifically asked about the senator’s blocking of a number of President Biden’s nominees to national security posts. She said that the White House said it was an unprecedented effort of obstruction. Then, Brennan quoted Sen. Murphy who said, “talking to you it’s like dealing with a terrorist.” And she reiterated the question about Cruz playing politics with national security.

The Texas senator responded by saying that it was actually just the opposite. Cruz said that he was trying to get President Biden to stop acquiescing and surrendering to America’s enemies.

Senator Cruz went further saying, “In China, I introduced an amendment to say that we should not purchase any green vehicles or solar panels made with slave labor in communist China in concentration camps. Every Democrat but Joe Manchin voted against it.”

He also talked about one of the first things President Biden did with Russia. Cruz said that the president actually surrendered to Vladimir Putin on Nord Stream two. Cruz believes that Biden gave Putin a multi-billion-dollar pipeline, and it was a pipeline that America had stopped.

Cruz talked about the bipartisan sanctions legislation that he had authored and that Democrats and Republicans overwhelmingly supported that legislation. He said that the Senate had killed that pipeline dead.

Cruz continued, “Joe Biden came in and surrendered. It is, Margaret, I believe, a generational geopolitical mistake. If this pipeline is allowed to go online, it will give billions of dollars to Russia. They will use it for military aggression against America and our allies. It will undermine European security, American security, and it enriches Russia. And Biden simply surrendered to Putin. That was a mistake.”

So the senator explained that he placed a hold on Biden’s nominees so that there would be pressure on Biden to follow the law. He said that he would lift the pressure if the president, in fact, follows the law. And then, Cruz talked about the simple and reasonable compromise that he would put in place…the holds will be lifted when President Biden simply triggers under a law called CAATSA. This is a Russian sanctions law passed with overwhelming bipartisan support.

Apparently, under CAATSA, Biden could list Nord Stream 2 AG, which is the umbrella company for Nord Stream, and then delist it. If he did this, it would solve the political objective of surrendering to Putin. And it would trigger an automatic congressional override veto.

So here it is simply: if the Biden administration triggers the override veto, Cruz will lift the holds on the president’s nominees.

Cruz maintained that the reason Biden doesn’t want to do that is that he knows and he fears he will lose the vote in Congress because his policy of surrendering to Russia is indefensible.

This interview with Brennan also included a tense exchange when she confronted Cruz over his attempts to overturn the 2020 presidential election results and continued claims of widespread voter fraud.

According to the new book Peril, by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, Cruz had conversations with former President Donald Trump on January 6 and knew there was no congressional authority to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

Cruz said he has not read the book but denied having conversations with Trump on January 6. He also defended his challenge of the election results, saying he needed to investigate the unproven allegations of widespread voter fraud.