Racial Genocide? Twitter Gives It a Green Flag to Be Discussed

Soumyabrata Roy /
Soumyabrata Roy /

Twitter seems to have some questionable morals in terms of what is and isn’t allowed to be discussed on its social media platform.

When the sitting president talks about fake news, it’s considered scandalous. It is why former president Donald Trump’s account was closed. A few mean tweets are sent and everyone at Twitter starts to clutch their pearls.

Okay, so Twitter doesn’t want anyone to be mean or violent, right?


They are definitely taking sides. They have no problem with some groups being mean and violent, as long as it’s toward an appropriate audience.

Racial genocide has been given a green light on Twitter…or at least on this particular occasion because the group is talking about killing white people.

You’re going to need a few more details about the story to realize just how morally bankrupt Twitter has become.

It’s important to be reminded of the fact that Twitter established a “Trust and Safety Council” a few years back so that they could address racism, bigotry, prejudice, and other issues. Essentially, anything that is destructive to society should be caught by their algorithms.

A conversation took place on November 29 on Twitter Spaces by the @LibsofTikTok. It is clear that they are black supremacists and racial activists. One participant, identified by their handle of “Dagoonchmonsta” actually admitted that not only is he in favor of white genocide but also doesn’t see an issue with throwing white people into gas chambers.

This should have been enough for Twitter to not only shut the conversation down but also to close the accounts. Realistically, they should have also sent the info behind each screen name to the FBI so that an investigation could be launched. After all, if there are people talking about genocide, it has to be investigated.

Apparently, Twitter is only interested in taking action when the racism is shown to a minority.

Racial genocide discussions can happen freely as long as it is toward white people and not to a minority.

If this makes you sick to your stomach, it should. There’s absolutely no reason for a social media platform to allow such things. If they thought that the January 6 riot was a problem, they should really explain themselves for allowing the discussion of placing white people into gas chambers.

RedState was quick to highlight one of the biggest issues with what Twitter has decided to allow on their platform. “It tells us that racism is indeed alive and well in our society, but those who control the mainstream platforms are wanting to talk about nothing but white supremacy and racism against minorities.”

For some reason, in the past few years, racism is no longer seen as prejudice against any race. It’s only considered racism if white people are prejudiced against a minority. And since the majority of the mainstream platforms are controlling what we see and what we say, there is a growing belief that only white people can be racist.

Those who would just as well commit white genocide on the population are…what? Disgruntled Americans? Looking to do the world a favor? No. They are just as racist and just as mentally deranged as the white supremacists. Yet, Twitter is content to turn a blind eye to it all.

We could hope that with a new CEO, Twitter would get right on this. However, first amendment rights are not a primary focus of the new CEO, so it’s likely that Twitter will continue to be the leftist propaganda that it has become.