Biden’s Plan To Go Green Helps the Chinese and Hurts Americans…Cool, Huh?

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We’ve known since Biden took office that Americans were not going to be the priority. This was obvious when he began to write executive orders that made it easier for illegal immigrants to enter and stay inside of the U.S.

What we didn’t prepare for is for President Biden to put the Chinese first. After all, they have been a longstanding enemy of the United States. Passing any kind of legislation that would give them the leg-up seems idiotic. And yet, here’s Biden doing exactly that.

Exactly what is Biden doing that puts the Chinese first? Well, you’ve heard of the New Green Deal, right? The name of the climate change legislation has been rapidly changing because the New Green Deal has been tarnished. It’s bad for the press now, so the liberals call it about a dozen other things hoping that they can confuse Americans enough to suddenly be in favor of it.

The liberals are the first ones to say that climate change is a global issue. So, why are we bothering to spend trillions of dollars to try to “fix” the climate when China is one of the biggest offenders? They’re still actively building coal plants. It means that they’re actively contributing to the problem. Yet, we’re supposed to bend over backward to compensate for what they’re doing?

Something doesn’t seem to be adding up here…

Let’s start by saying that net-zero greenhouse gases is a great goal. However, it has to be for the world and not just for the United States. And to that, we must insist that China get on board before we go spending trillions…

Unfortunately, the liberals seem to be a bit short in the common sense department. The Biden administration has called for “eliminating carbon pollution from power plants by 2035.” Apparently, they’re only concerned about what’s going on in the U.S. since China is still happily using coal.

Alright, so how are we going to get rid of carbon pollution, at least here in the U.S.? Well, one of the ways is by relying more heavily on solar panels. There are plenty of tax rebates from state and federal governments to encourage homeowners to install solar panels.

Guess what? Those solar panels are being built in China. This means that we’re helping China to increase its exportations to the U.S. and placing money into the pockets of Chinese manufacturers. And, they can profit significantly since they’re still powering their factories with coal power plants.

It makes absolutely no sense, yet it’s exactly what the liberals are doing.

And it seems that more and more people are noticing what the liberals are doing. Michael Lind, a professor at the University of Texas Austin explains that the progressive technocrats are actually capitalists because they are all about the money. Only, “their utopia is a planned society administered by social scientists and technical experts.  In it, social engineers, insulated from democratic accountability and wielding vast authority, are empowered to devise long-range plans to promote social and environmental goals, which are handed over to deferential elected officials to implement with few changes—against the opposition of the ignorant masses if necessary.”

The ignorant masses…that’s us. Only, we’re not as ignorant as the liberals hope that we’d be. It’s why they weren’t able to pass the New Green Deal years ago when it was first promoted. Luckily, we have enough Republicans in Congress to point out that the climate change legislation is built on a mountain of lies and it will only benefit China while hurting Americans.

Climate change isn’t going to kill us. We will adapt. What might kill us is having to turn to China for all of our manufacturing needs. And what might also kill us is the cost of these new “green” cars that liberals are telling us we have to buy because they’re taking our old cars off the roads within a few years.