Productivity in Biden’s America is Tanking

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Biden has helped the lazy become lazier thanks to extending unemployment benefits. Liberal cities and states stayed locked up for entirely too long, allowing people to sit on unemployment, too.

Now, it seems that productivity is way down.

Are you shocked? Of course not. Anyone with half a brain could have predicted this. The unfortunate thing is that we have a president who may have had half a brain at some point, but it’s been declining rapidly.

As people return to the workforce, they are there because they have to. They would much rather sit at home and continue to collect paychecks.

And studies have shown that productivity levels have declined dramatically. Like, it’s the worst that it’s been since 1960.

The Department of Labor issued a report to show that U.S. worker productivity dropped by 5.2 percent in the third quarter of this year. This is as output rose by 1.8 percent from July through September…but the number of hours worked also rose…and by 7.4 percent.

People are working more and simply not getting as much done.

When you look at the third quarter of 2020 to the third quarter of 2021, employee productivity within the nonfarm business sector dropped by 0.6 percent – and this is a considerable decline in comparison to previous years.

With all of the tech and such that we have, productivity has been on the rise. Yet, humans are still needed to help keep businesses thriving – and now we have proof that they’re just not doing as much as they should.

And yet, liberals still have the audacity to demand that minimum wage increase to $15 an hour or higher. Apparently, the concept of earning that wage is beyond them…

Perhaps the most disappointing part of the report is that unit labor costs increased by an annual rate of 9.6 percent. This means that companies are already paying more for employees than they did last year. But, what does it gain them? What does actually paying people more money do for these companies?

Apparently not much, considering that productivity fell. Instead, companies are left with a bunch of entitled half-wits who have no problem collecting the paycheck but balk at having to do any work in order to earn it.

And this is what Biden’s America is all about. President Biden has helped to create a lazy workforce because of the various COVID measures that he took. He handed out stimulus checks to people who didn’t need it. He allowed people to collect unemployment checks for months longer than what was necessary. He made it easy for people to sit back and get paid for doing absolutely nothing.

Essentially, he destroyed the work ethic in America. And mix that in with what the progressive left is saying about the racial divide and it’s all the fault of white people. After all, Black Lives Matter would have you believe that only white people are capable of working hard and only white people are capable of getting higher-paid jobs.

The reality is that this is America. If you want something, you have to work for it. Those who are bringing the productivity levels down should be fired – and then be denied unemployment so that they are taught the valuable lesson that hard work (regardless of skin color) is necessary in order to earn a paycheck in America.

Maybe then, we can actually see that output increases while work hours are decreased. Productivity levels can soar as long as Biden stops allowing the workforce to get away with being lazy.