AOC Blames ‘Ku Klux Klan Caucus’ for Their Recent Hate Instead of Their Own Divisive Message

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Grossinger /

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has been one of the biggest proponents of progressive politics in the last two decades. She has been on a never-ending wave of soundbites, stories, and nonsense since she was first elected to office. From the video clips of her dancing to her various tweets about how horrible politics or white men are, to her consistent proof that ‘The Squad’ will do any and everything for the party above the people, the evidence of her insane ideas are everywhere.

This time, she is standing alongside and up for Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) after Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) made comments at an event recently. These comments were about a situation where Boebert and a staffer found themselves in an elevator with Omar where she said to the staffer “Well she doesn’t have a backpack, we should be fine” and to Omar, herself “Look, the jihad squad decided to show up for work today.”

Given the previous hatred and vile words spouted off from Omar and the rest of ‘The Squad’ as well as the rest of the left, you cannot exactly blame Boebert for taking advantage of the situation and making such ridiculous comments. However, because of her telling this tale, Omar is using this as a scapegoat for her recent death threats.

Let’s face reality here, AOC. Omar is getting death threats much like you or any other government official because of your progressive politics, poor decision-making, and frequent hatred for anyone who doesn’t blindly follow along with your ideas. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, it doesn’t feel so good, eh?

Apparently not with AOC, as she chose to take to her favorite safe space, Twitter, to lay out the latest problem in her world. “People truly don’t understand the scale, intensity, & volume of threats targeting Ilhan Omar. Kevin McCarthy is so desperate to be speaker that he is working with his Ku Klux Klan caucus to look aside & allow violent targeting of woke members of Congress. This cannot be ignored.” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), in AOC’s eyes, is supposedly the gatekeeper for hatred and divisive speech, and the extreme right is angry with him for being friends with Trump.

With the no-win situation he is in, all McCarthy can do is keep his head down and keep pushing forward with his mission to achieve re-election and keep his constituents happy with his actions. While this has the potential to turn him into a lame duck, he is more likely to stick to his guns and fight fire with fire. The threats being a part of this are highly unlikely but, given the tactics that the left has been stooping to over the last few months, it’s not impossible.

AOC and Omar are some of the worst females (God knows they are not ladies) to ever be elected to public office here in the US. They have a problem with everything that is said, they cannot accept responsibility for anything their party or they themselves say/do as a part of their ‘for the party and not the people’ politics. As the games go on, the death threats will only increase for both sides. If one side wants this to stop, they need to find a way to find common ground. Unfortunately for the left, that responsibility now falls on them. Conservatives have been trying to get things to operate on a smooth path since the midnight oil burning ‘extended deployment means extended leave’ bill for troops deployed back in the summer of 2007.