Michigan Democrats Wasted No Time Using Mass Shooting To Push for More Gun Laws

Andy Dean Photography /
Andy Dean Photography /

There is nothing the progressive left loves more than a good old-fashioned school shooting. They jump on these situations like they are the last lifeboat on Titanic. With nothing but a huge upside for their agenda towards socialism, they take to these shootings looking for a new reason to disarm Americans, but only the law-abiding ones.

God forbid they look at the laws on the books and why they aren’t achieving their desired results. Contrary to popular leftist beliefs, in the instance of this latest school shooting, it follows the same basic principle as every other one; it was the shooter’s fault. Not the gun’s fault at all. It only did what it was told to do. In this instance, the person who was telling the gun what to do was a 15-year-old. A 15-year-old holding a 9mm semiautomatic Sig Sauer pistol. Not the AR-15 that the left will target because of this shooting.

This kid (still the correct term here despite his adult-level actions) took the pistol from his father, who had purchased the firearm just four days prior. This alone is an odd set of circumstances, but speculation at this point would be a horrible idea. What we do know is that this kid used that pistol for the wrong reasons, and in turn, the Democrats are going nuts in Michigan.

Senator Rosemary Bayer (D-MI) has already taken the offensive to get things going for more laws. “We have to take action. Right this minute, today, I think I really, really want to focus on the families…just trying to help them know that we’re here for them, that we’re supporting them in any way we can…Very quickly, we’ll have new bills, new ideas, more new things that we’re going to try to pull and change the script in the Legislature in Lansing.” This is a chilling idea here.

Sen. Bayer knows exactly what will get her people ready to attack, and shootings like this and charged statements like these send a signal to the rest of the left that it’s time to mount up and ride for their agenda. What she fails to realize is just how ignorant statements like these appear to the rest of the nation who doesn’t have their heads buried in the sand. These are not only hollow promises made to the families of the victims, but they are knee-jerk reactions with little to no thought behind them.

Her idea of making more laws instead of enforcing what is already on the books is laughable. When we need no-nonsense gun reform, people like her are nowhere to be seen. When we need big changes without thought, she and her cronies are there ready and waiting to do what they can. In this instance, the ‘no-nonsense’ doesn’t mean stringent laws or big sweeping changes. It means adequate enforcement of what we already have on the books and making change (if somehow needed) after taking a long look at what happened.

Honestly, the big thing here is that incidents like these are, in fact, isolated. The number of ‘mass shootings’ we see also includes many shootings that involve illegal firearms. You don’t have law-abiding citizens just shooting places up, as a rule. Are there limited exceptions? Sure. However, we don’t punish all drivers and make cars difficult to get because people get a DWI or kill someone while driving drunk. We don’t make high-performance or off-road vehicles difficult to get because people crash them. The same mindset needs to be followed here, especially since the left loves talking about gun registration being like car registration.