Republicans Show How Much Money Middle-Class Will Lose With Biden Tax Plan

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Biden once stated that if you want tax cuts, vote for the other guy, not me! And for once, it appears we can all agree with him. Again and again, he proves he doesn’t have a solid platform, he has a couple of boxes with a sheet thrown over em’ trying to convince the world that 80 million people voted him into office in 2020 instead of him just “taking office.”

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 was lauded as a relief to the middle class. However, if there is one thing we learned from the great Pandemic of 2020 it was that the poor got more financially stable, the rich lived off their 401Ks, and the middle class got to fight off the health departments to keep their businesses open while the government tried to buy out dairy farms and shut down meatpacking plants.

The middle class is the backbone of America. If the left gets its way, we will become a 3rd world country so fast heads will roll, quite literally. What we must ask ourselves is, why? Why does the left want to take down the greatest country in the world? In the words of beloved TikTok creator Elyse Meyers, “I’m SO glad you asked!”

According to The Blaze, Democrats promised and proclaimed that the 2017 tax reform passed by Republicans that gave much-needed relief to the middle class was only going to benefit the “top 1% of income earners. They claimed that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, which was the largest overhaul of the U.S. tax system in decades was basically former President Donald Trump’s way of protecting his own:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) said of the tax cuts, “This corruption is hollowing out America’s middle class & tearing down our democracy.”

Fellow radical leftist, Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) claimed that the top one percent of Americans were “dancing in the streets” after the Senate passed the tax cuts. And of course, now Vice President and then-Sen. Kamala Harris said, “The tax plan approved tonight by my Republican colleagues is shameful. This is a victory for corporations and the top 1% of Americans, not teachers, not seniors, and certainly not the middle class,” according to The Blaze’s reporting.

And let us not forget, then-Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi who took the time to state that “Despite Republicans’ empty promises to cut taxes for middle class working families, it’s clear that the GOP tax plan for the wealthiest is rich indeed.” The longtime California Democrat went on to admit that there will be 86 million families in the middle class seeing a tax increase. How can they possibly advertise this as a bill to help the middle-class?

The Heartland Institute stated, “higher-income earners paid an even larger share of the total tax burden in 2018 than they did in 2017, indicating that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act may have made the tax code slightly more progressive.”

The analysis said that tax filers earning $500,000 or more paid 38.9% of all personal income tax revenues in 2017, but after the tax reform law went into effect in 2018, the same income bracket paid 41.5% of total income tax revenues.

Sadly, the faster they have us over a barrel and working 60 hours a week and jumping through all the hoops to be qualified to go out and work to pay our bills, feed our families, the faster they will have won.

The Democrats have been crying that the wealthy were the only ones to benefit from the Republican party’s 2017 tax reform law and also swore the tax cuts increased taxes on Middle-class Americans. However, in true Narcist fashion, they were proclaiming the exact opposite of the truth. Lies, all lies.

Thankfully, America got some much-needed relief in 2017 with Trump but Biden wants to roll all that back now.

I shudder to think that one day we’ll look back and say, “Boy, if we could just go back to 2021 before things got really crazy.”

We live here now…