Guatemalan President Outs Harris for Not Doing Her Job

Rich Koele /
Rich Koele /

All we have to do is look at the southern border to know that it’s out of control. Kamala Harris was tasked to do something about it back in March. She claimed that she would look at the “root causes” and begin work on it all.

Nothing has been done. She hasn’t even visited much of the border, which means that she hasn’t seen the overcrowding, the human rights violations, and the concerns that many politicians have about crime, COVID, and more.

But she’s working on the root causes…right?

Well, that’s not accurate, either…and we have the president of Guatemala to thank for telling us the truth.

There’s been the assumption that, at the very least, Kamala Harris has been working with the Northern Triangle countries of Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. After all, if you’re going to figure out the root causes and get everything under control, you have to communicate with the leaders of those countries.

Well, Alejandro Giammattei, Guatemala’s President, was the first one to talk about how the Biden-Harris administration was responsible for the surge at the border. He said this in an interview that followed the visit that Harris made to Guatemala.

Giammattei has been vocal about the “diplomatic relations” between the U.S. and Guatemala. A reporter wanted to know how things have been going other than the meeting that took place in June. The Guatemalan president responded with “That’s the only one.”

Wait, seriously?

Even the reporter seemed stunned, asking if that has been the only communication that has taken place with the Biden administration regarding illegal immigration.

That’s when Giammattei kept it simple: “Yep.”

At this point in time, we know that it’s only a matter of time before what little approval rating Harris was holding onto will be gone. Many were quick to give her the benefit of the doubt that she was working behind the scenes on the root causes. Only, she hasn’t been in communication with Guatemala for six months.

If we were to call over to the leaders of El Salvador and Honduras, we would likely learn that she hasn’t been talking with them, either.

This means that she has completely ignored her responsibility of dealing with the border crisis. Biden gave her a job to do, and she has blatantly ignored it.

So, we have to ask the question: What has Harris accomplished in nearly a full year as being Vice President?

If you’re hearing crickets, you’d be right. The First Lady has likely accomplished more than Harris, so it’s really no wonder why the VP’s approval rating is in the toilet. According to an I&I/TIPP poll, Harris has a 12% rating in terms of whether you would vote for her in the 2024 election. And President Biden isn’t fairing too much better in the poll at 22%.

Again, we ask what she has done. Well, she sampled some bakery treats in New Jersey with Senator Cory Booker. She also talked with a group of school children about a “space council” that left many wondering just how she ever managed to get a law degree.

The United States really deserves better than what Kamala Harris can offer. Considering that Biden could literally stop being president at any moment, shouldn’t the second in command at least attempt to do her job?