Wisconsin Finds More Illegal Votes Than Biden’s Victory Margin…

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As you well know, investigations into the 2020 presidential election have been going on in a number of states for some time now. Unsurprisingly, one such state is Wisconsin. As a key battleground state, its electoral college votes went a long way in deciding our nation’s 46th president.

And that means an investigation into what many believe was a not so fair or legal election is rather a big deal, particularly when the outcome of such an investigation suggests that Joe Biden’s margin of victory was more than doubled by the number of illegal votes cast.

According to an investigation conducted by the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, exactly 54,259 ballots were “cast by individuals who have never shown a voter ID in any election.”

Per the law firm’s report, some 3,718 of those were included on 2019’s Mover’s List, which means they were no longer eligible to vote as a legal Wisconsin resident. Another 7,747 “failed their DMV check” when they attempted to register to vote.

Additionally, it was discovered that “at least one,” possibly more, ballot harvesting events were performed without the proper authorization. In opposition to state laws, nursing homes conducted absentee balloting, drop boxes were wrongly used, and even the most legal and authorized ballots were “cured” without the proper permission or voter rolls.

Basically, the whole of the problems boiled down to one factor: the legalization of widespread absentee or mail-in ballots for everyone statewide. While the idea sounded good in light of a possibly deadly pandemic, the reality of it offered more possibilities for fraud and misuse than any election ever before.

In the state of Wisconsin, for example, Biden supposedly won by some 20,000 votes, according to Politico. Notably, this number is dwarfed by illegal votes cast in the state.

And it has led many to believe that Joe Biden may not be the legitimate president.

However, as the investigation concludes, all these problems, even together, do not offer undeniable proof that a massive conspiracy or otherwise was concocted to ensure that the mail-in ballots were used to get Joe Biden and the Democratic Party into office. While many irregularities and election fraud acts have been uncovered in the last year since the votes were tallied, none of them point to the need for an overturn in the election.

At least, not yet…

According to the study, which used nearly 20,000 ballots, an additional 29,000 absentee ballot envelopes, and thousands of pollings, surveys, and other documentation from public records, it is still entirely possible that “more eligible voters cast ballots for Joe Biden than Donald Trump.”

To be clear, this isn’t some liberal law firm conducting the investigation and choosing to ignore certain facts or ideas. In fact, it’s a rather conservative one. And as their concluding report states, they even looked specifically for proof of such “evidence that failure to follow proper procedures was exploited to commit fraud.”

And yet, none was found.

Instead, the facts simply prove that our election processes, both nationally and for more than a few state levels, are drastically flawed and in need of some revision, whether we choose to keep widespread mail-in ballots a legitimate course of election action or not.

Unlike those on the liberal left continue to say, this, in fact, was the whole point of investigations like these, to begin with. The goal was never to get Biden kicked out of office by proving a majority of the votes in his favor were illegal. Although, based on recent polling, most of the nation probably wouldn’t mind if that happened.

Rather, the idea was to do exactly what it did: find out what happened during the elections that caused so much chaos and distrust. Then, use that to discover ways to correct those wrongs.

The state of Georgia has since done exactly that, using information gathered from its November 2, 2020, and January 2021 elections to find problems and their subsequent solutions. What has resulted are new election laws that seek to make the whole process much more secure and safe for everyone involved.

Just maybe, based on the data from this recent Wisconsin investigation, some similar changes can be made in that state, too.