Fauci Confirms Conservative Fears and Makes a Grab for Individual Freedoms

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Dr. Fauci is finally admitting what some of us conservatives have been anticipating for nearly two years now: Finally Throwing around phrases like “Communal responsibility” over “individual preferences” so flippantly it has most conservatives shaking in their boots.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, is making good on promises, saying by December 27th, he will enforce a vaccine mandate on all private-sector employees.

A writer from the New York Post questioned the White House medical adviser if this was a future mitigation tool. Fauci answered that, “no one likes to be mandating for people to do things that they might be hesitant to do. But quite frankly, you have to when you’re in the middle of what we call a historic experience of the worst pandemic of respiratory disease in the last hundred years, we have to put the communal responsibility ahead of individual preferences. So although no one, myself included, likes to be told what you have to do, sometimes if you don’t realize that it is good for yourself, for your family, and for the communal good, then mandates or requirements become necessary.”

When being interviewed by MSNBC, Fauci stated “while it would be preferable for people to get vaccinated voluntarily if they are not willing to do so, sometimes you’ve gotta do things that are unpopular but that clearly supersede individual choices and are directed predominantly at the communal good.”

Listening to the White House’s medical adviser could prompt almost anyone to ask, is he following the money to these conclusions? Many of the crackdowns and conflicting reasoning coming from the White House doesn’t even pass the straight-face test, and yet it’s handed down to us as if it’s wisdom from on high. It doesn’t seem like he ever worked for the American people. So, what exactly is Fauci’s history?

If we skip right over the fact that Fauci is the Italian word for “sickle,” (you know, that thing the grim reaper carries with him), we can talk about the work history of Dr. Anthony Fauci. The man is 80 yrs old and has been working in an advisory position since the Reagan administration, where he now serves under the NIH director Francis Collins. He’s been on the payroll since 1968. Think back to what you were doing in 1968? That’s right, he’s been on yours and my payroll since then.

It was Fauci who was at the head of the government assuring us the lockdown would only last 2 weeks. One would think that in nearly two years if they were going to solve this problem, it would be taken care of. The reality is that we can hide all we want. That is clearly not the answer to surviving COVID. We have seen Fauci talk out of both sides of his mouth, stating we must wear masks to prevent the spread, we don’t need masks, it appears breathing in the bacteria isn’t good for your health, etc etc. We have been on a roller coaster for far too long and we’re sick, fed up, and need real solutions. While we aren’t sure what to do, It is becoming evident what not to do.

However, no matter the results of any medical test, stripping our freedoms from us is not the answer, ever. Fauci is not our knight in shining armor coming to save us. In the iconic words of Earl Pitts, “Wake up America.”

We are the last free country, for now. If the communists have their way, we’ll be a full-fledged socialistic country so fast our heads will spin. We’re watching in slow motion as our rights are being stripped from us, and if America falls, there will be no one there to scoop us up and dust us off. We’ll just be there, breathing dirt through a nasty mask, asking how it came to this.

Turn off Netflix, look around, turn on OAN, or Newsmax, because This IS Us, and this country is about to be Gone, GIrl. As our military has shown us time and time again, our freedoms are worth dying for. It’s time for us, as Americans, to get uncomfortable and make sacrifices they make every day for our constitutional rights.