Adam Schiff Shows His Traitorous Ways

Sheila Fitzgerald /
Sheila Fitzgerald /

How Adam Schiff is still employed by the U.S. government is a question we’ve all had to ask at least once or twice over the past few years. The guy seems to do anything he can in order to sabotage the justice system. He thinks that because he’s the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, anything he says is regarded as the truth.

For the entire Trump administration, we watched him lie and cheat to try to impeach Donald Trump. We even saw him go as far as creating a whistleblower out of thin air just so that there’d be more “evidence” to pin on Trump.

The senator cannot be trusted to do his job because he’ll lie and cheat and manipulate the evidence so that it serves the Democratic Party as well as his progressive agenda.

Now, as we’re dealing with a January 6 riot investigation, we have to look closely at what Adam Schiff is doing. It’s as if we want to ask him to keep both hands where we can see them at all times.

Schiff has now claimed that he has proof that a member of Congress was responsible for texting former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows to instruct VP Pence to overturn the 2020 presidential election results.

Only, that “text” was completely fabricated. The Federalist was able to get their hands on the real text and the fabricated one. Schiff and his office are guilty beyond guilty.

As Sean Davis of The Federalist tweeted, “He only fabricated a screenshot that didn’t exist, deleted half a sentence, added punctuation where there was none, deleted two paragraphs, and had no clue it wasn’t even written by Jordan.”

Oh, Schiff…what did you do?

The text message wasn’t from Rep. Jim Jordan. Instead, it was actually forwarded from Joseph Schmitz, a man who was trying to legally argue the certification of the election. This means that the moronic senator didn’t even bother to read up on the evidence before he tried to tamper with it.

It doesn’t matter whether there was a legal argument or not. Rather, Jordan was passing the information to Meadows to get a reaction. There was no scheming going on to overthrow the election – and that’s what Schiff was trying to insinuate by doctoring the text.

Why would Schiff even think that he could get away with such behavior? Well, think about it. He was able to doctor emails and such in the past to try to frame Trump. How many times did he yell “Russian collusion” with falsified documents in his hand? And yet, he received no disciplinary action. It has given him a God complex, and with his position in the committee, he believes that he can do what he wants without any consequences.

This is just further proof that the January 6 investigation is just as ridiculous as everything else that Schiff and the rest of the Democrats tried to do during the four years of Trump being in office. They don’t have anything on him so they try to make things up. And we’ve already seen how Pelosi’s creation of the Special Committee is faltered considering she doesn’t have enough people…or any from the Minority Leader.

The Democrats will waste a bit of time but nothing will happen…to those who are on trial or to Schiff, who is constantly caught manipulating the evidence.