Transgender College Swimmer Blasted over Danger Precedent for Other Athletes

Thomas Trompeter /
Thomas Trompeter /

Piers Morgan tells it like it is as he gave his thoughts about transgender college swimmer, Lia Thomas, demolishing records previously held by biological women, after competing in collegiate meets this past week.

Thomas is a college student at the University of Pennsylvania who competed under the name Will Thomas, where he was competing for 3 years in the men’s swimming competitions.

To qualify for the women’s events, the only requirement was to undergo testosterone treatment. Morgan was very vocal about his feelings on the matter when he stated that if Michael Phelps (23 times Olympic Gold Medalist) decided to compete as a transgender woman “all hell would break loose.”

In order to qualify for women’s events, someone only has to undergo one year of testosterone suppression treatment.

“Now imagine what would have happened if Phelps had transitioned into a female when at the peak of his powers?” Morgan added. “He, now she, wouldn’t have just dominated women’s swimming – he, now she, would have smashed all the women’s records by such vast margins that no woman born with a female biological body would have ever come close to beating any of them ever again.”

Friday, Thomas competed in the women’s 500-yard freestyle, setting a new Ivy League record, by a whopping 14 seconds. On Saturday, she set a record completing the 200-yard freestyle at 1:41:93 as well as smashing a record previously set by a woman while competing in the 1,650-yard freestyle event finishing 38 seconds faster than her closest rival, Kalandaze.

Sports all across the board are now including men in various women’s sports. It appears as though the woke brigade is about to take out women’s sports altogether. I can’t imagine being a female from birth and training nearly my entire life for a specific sport only to be taken out by a bunch of men who decided they weren’t good enough to compete among other men. The fact that we are making it acceptable for men to start taking hormone blockers for merely a year, then hop on any women’s team they like is a disgrace. This is suicide to women’s sports as a whole. Where do we draw the line?

Morgan has made a strong effort to convey the fact that Thomas isn’t working off his talent or ability. Thomas is simply a man competing against women stating, “Lia Thomas is on her way to irrevocably disintegrate women’s swimming records,” he wrote. “Not because she’s a natural-born brilliant swimmer, because when she competed as a man, she was mediocre at best. No, she will do it because she’s got a hugely advantageous physique over her female rivals. What will it take to stop this transgender sporting madness? Does Floyd Mayweather have to identify as a woman and get into the ring as a female boxer? Or Usain Bolt to come out of retirement to compete on the women’s springing circuit? Or perhaps Michael Phelps really should transition and jump in the pool against women half his size and with a fraction of his speed? Stop this insanity now, before it’s too late.”

This past June, Thomas interviewed with the school newspaper stating it was “very rewarding” that despite transitioning, he was able to continue to swim. Being trans hasn’t affected his ability to do this sport.

One must ask themselves, Why isn’t more being done to prevent trans athletes from competing against women? We started saying men and women were equal with feminism and that was cute, but now we’re dealing with men encroaching on women. Women are losing their rights, constantly, because of the asinine desire to be “better.” It’s not tough to understand that men are stronger than women and women should be ok with that.