Wasteful Biden Shows His Ignorance by Demanding Immune People Get the Vaccine

Viacheslav Lopatin /
Viacheslav Lopatin /

Joe Biden is proving to be the most wasteful president ever to sit in the White House. The old man has demanded with his executive powers that every person submit to authority and get the COVID-19 vaccine whether they need it or not. The problem is that his constant push for people to get a shot even though they are already immune is wasting the vaccine and dumping millions of needles into the landfill.

The amount of vaccine he is wasting could be used in countries still plagued with the virus. But the president could care less because all he wants is to be the dictator of America.

Dr. Marty Makary, who teaches at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland, talked about the vaccine mandate, aimed at the schools that demand 100 percent vaccination compliance. Makary stated that “There is nothing that represents American waste, excess, and global arrogance more than requiring a young, healthy, low-risk student who had the infection in the past and already has natural immunity to get a booster.”

Biden’s Administration acts as it cares about people and the environment. Still, all it has done is produce tons and tons of needless waste by mandating vaccinations and requiring millions of people to wear masks when they are no longer needed. Those masks are not being recycled. They are worn once for a few minutes and, then, tossed into the landfill.

People that have had COVID-19 or are vaccinated do not need the masks or any more shots. The only thing that Biden needs to do is bow out and let people decide what to do with their health.

Colleges and Universities all over the country are following Biden’s lead and pushing for reckless usage of medical equipment and vaccination distribution. Biden is not qualified to lead the country in a medical pandemic, and his top advisor has already proved he is a liar and helped develop the virus in the first place.

Makary pointed out that “If the U.S. wants to help struggling countries ration their limited vaccine supply in the midst of an epidemic, tell them to recognize natural immunity and have those who had COVID step aside in the vaccine line to protect those who are vulnerable faster with a life-saving vaccine.” This move would go far in ridding the world of the virus once and for all. But as the world has come to learn, Biden only cares about himself and securing power for his underlings to enjoy.

Makary revealed that there are nearly 20 different studies that have been done that prove natural immunity is better than anything a man can develop. But the liberals have successfully buried those studies so no one can sound the alarm that Biden and his media buddies are lying to the people.

The Daily Wire found that over 1,000 higher learning centers have chosen to uphold Biden’s illegal vaccine mandate. They have even pushed for young people to get all the booster shots available on the market so far. The liberals pus the new variants to scare people back into the drug line to inject them with more of the juice supposedly that can protect the people from the COVID-19 virus.

Makary is encouraging people not to fear the latest variant moving around. He has revealed that there are new ways of treating the virus to help people stay healthy and get over being sick.

Joe Biden is stuck on a one-way street and cannot see other alternatives to trying to force a complete vaccination. He ignores the reports on natural immunity and the treatment options available for doctors to use.

Makary has stated that no one is currently looking into the science on natural immunity and how long-term it is. Biden wants to continue to scare people, so they submit to his evil authority. At some point, people have to wake up and realize that they have been lied to and need to start thinking on their own and making up their minds as to what is best for themselves.