Texas Starts Building the Wall That Donald Trump Started

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The lousy Democrats hate the idea of a wall separating their illegal picking grounds from the United States. Donald Trump announced early on that he intended to secure the southern border with a wall that would be so technologically advanced that no one would be able to cross it without being detected. And that is when the Democrats started to fight him and the project at every turn they could find.

It would not be until they stole an election that their puppet Joe Biden would executively kill the contracts and the project with his pen the first day in office. He would, then, signal to his illegal buddies in the south that it was time to start moving north again. But what he did not count on was Republican governors fighting back. And Greg Abbott was going to be his worst enemy.

The Texas governor came out and demanded that Biden stop turning his back on the people who live along the border. But those demands fell on deaf ears. So, he took it upon himself to get the state of Texas geared up to finish what Donald Trump had started. And the project officially started in full cooperation with private citizens willingly giving up their land to build the wall. Texas sent a clear message to the White House that they would not stand for Biden’s betrayal.

The Lone Star governor announced the official words by saying, “Biden allows open border policies and refuses to enforce laws passed by Congress to secure the border and enforce immigration laws. Texas is stepping up to do the federal government’s job.”

Joe Biden and his pointless vice president have visited the border all but once since they stole the White House. Kamala Harris was reluctant to visit the least affected part of the border but was forced to after Donald Trump said he was going to the border. And all she could do was blame other world leaders for the mess her boss had created.

This past week, the first panels were being placed along the same path that Donald Trump has set out to do. Greg Abbott is taking up the fight to protect the country from illegal invaders and the lunacy of Joe Biden.

Bill Melugin is a news correspondent for Fox, and he wrote that “Texas has officially started building its border wall. The first wall panels have gone up in Starr County in the RGV. State land, state money. This particular contractor was building Trump’s wall until Biden canceled them. Now they build for @GregAbbott_TX.” The significant part about the construction is that the federal government can do nothing to stop this project since it has nothing to do with federal resources.

Biden tried to stop it by refusing to sell Texas the wall pieces that Trump had built. Wasteful Biden would, instead, let those wall pieces turn to dust than let them be installed in a wall designed to protect America. So, Texas has gone out of its way to find steel to build the wall.

Abbott and the state of Texas have named the project Operation Lone Star. Its sole purpose is to stop the invasion of America by illegals encouraged by a treasonous president.

The other part of the mission states that anyone trying to cross over the fenced area will be arrested and tried in court for criminal trespassing. There will be no catch and release or being taken to the border detention centers. They will be taken to jail and tried as criminals fit for prison.

The president is absent-minded regarding a lot of things. And the southern border is one of those things that he ignores by choice. He cannot seem to bring himself to be an American and start defending the border as he should.

The significant part about the wall construction is that the construction of the wall contract went to the contractor that the Biden Administration shafted. They will build $162 million worth of wall to fill in Biden’s remaining gaps for the illegals to move through.