Subjects Rebel Against King Newsom As They Ignore His Mask Mandates

Amir Aziz /
Amir Aziz /

Gavin Newsom is another whacked-out liberal who loves to make life miserable for everyone but his family. He has resorted to implementing another mask mandate all across the state. He is demanding that people cover their faces with a facial diaper even though the majority of the people are immune or are vaccinated against the virus. His push to force vaccination was supposed to end the mask-wearing, but it has become clear that he cannot give up the urge of forcing people to obey his dictatorial demands.

But this round, the people come out with brass knuckles on and aim for the governor’s face. They are fighting back with a vengeance. The people are sick and tired of wasting money on a mask that does nothing to protect them from the COVID-19 virus. All the masks keep people from breathing and fill up the landfills.

Jessica Vaughn is a podcaster that revealed the pushback against Newsom. She pointed out by stating on social media, “Insider secret: At a party at a public bar in Hollywood, CA with the pretties. Not a mask in sight. You’re being hustled to use federal funds to make the changes to the nation they always wanted but couldn’t legally legislate.”

Vaughn has revealed the secret behind the motives of the Democrats. They will manipulate their way into power using any means necessary to change things in their favor. They cannot make laws that give them the power to control people because it would violate the Constitution. So, they have lied, cheated, and stolen everything they can to make their plan the standard norm.

The liberal media also looks at the mandate and poking it full of holes. The Sacramento Bee was trying to figure out what entity would be the one to enforce the mandate. So far, there are no teeth behind making people wear a mask. Vaughn has pointed out that the people know that fact and will not follow the illegal mandate because they do not have to.

Newsom blindly thinks that people will do the right thing. And there will be those who will follow the mandate. But as he has already shown with his own life, there will be those who will not comply and will try to find a way around submitting to his evil wishes.

Newsom tried to explain that “I think people are more capable once they’re given the ‘why’ and the ‘what’ to apply themselves. I think a lot of people will self-enforce and do the right thing.” His words are the same as what the satanic outgoing mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, has tried to state. People must be forced into compliance and made to starve for them to fall in line. He must have never read history books since people who are forced to do things will ultimately rebel and overthrow the evil dictator.

The state of California will not enforce the mask mandate. Newsom may have finally realized he has overstayed his welcome, pushing COVID-19 mandates and trying to enforce people into compliance. It is time to leave people alone and let them decide what is best for their health. The senseless pressure the liberals keep putting on everyone is making everyone mad, affecting them at the ballot box.

State officials are finding that the people are not going to comply with the evil governor because they are sick and tired of the way he is treating everyone. They will send a clear message to the man this time around since he did not get the clue with the recall election attempt. They are sick and tired of living in a socialist state.

The one thing that naughty Newsom has created is a divided state. There will be altercations, and people are going to attack others to get them to wear a mask. And at the end of every attack will be a conservative minding their own business until a Democrat comes marching into their safe space and trying to force a mask over their nose and mouth.