Biden Exposed to a Person With COVID; Psaki Deflects Instead of Answering Questions

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COVID is about to end its second year here in America, so it should come as no surprise that people are going to hear about it entering the White House. We did when it hit some of the members of Trump’s team, so why is Biden any different?

Enter White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. This is a woman who is incredibly poised and remarkable in how she deals with situations. You have never seen someone else deflect from answering a question, or make people sound like they are the problem for her inability to answer questions honestly. It truly is a work of art and a performance piece that rivals most of Broadway.

New York Times reporter Mike Shear asked her about the rumors of a COVID outbreak at the White House, National Security Council, the State Department, and The Treasury, and all she could do is deflect. “The president has a full schedule today and is not in need of quarantine. We will provide information to all of you as outlined with our commitment from just a few months ago about being transparent about close contacts. I don’t have any updates for you at this point in time, but again, we expect there to be breakthrough cases across the country, right? And certainly in the federal government. And the most important thing to note for you and for others is that 99% or more at this point of the White House staff is vaccinated. Boosters are strongly recommended and distributed. We have a very thorough process here that people abide by, who are going to have close contact with the president and even beyond that, and those protocols go above and beyond CDC guidelines.”

Notice how carefully she explained that they are safe and used them almost like an example of what to do. Not what the press needs, not what the American people need, and not how things are supposed to go. Yet here she runs off at the mouth. This should be what is making the American people sick; having ‘leadership’ that cannot effectively communicate with the press or their own people.

Another disturbing point is her claim that Biden had a full day. Per their publicized schedule for him, he was done at 1:30 eastern, so he didn’t have a whole lot going on as free leader of the country. So why the lie? Why not just be honest?

When you examine the footage of this press conference even closer and annotate the context of these questions, it’s very peculiar that she straps on her mask as she leaves the press room. She has not been doing this before, and it sends the signal that something very serious is going on at the White House and within its staff. With Psaki unable to tell the people clearly what is going on, it leaves a lot to be concerned about.

Given the nature of the job, it is understandable that she and the rest of the staff wish to remain as safe as possible. It is also normal to want to keep the President safe. However, the press is over 6 feet away. The people are not in danger of getting COVID from her, nor her from them. So why mask up to leave? It’s not like she’s going into the unknown. For now, these questions will have to remain unanswered, as she will only deflect if asked about this, too.