Jayapal is Literally Why the Democratic Party is Failing

Michael O'Keene /
Michael O'Keene /

There’s a serious problem in the White House. Joe Biden would rather use executive orders than work with Congress. We’ve seen it from the moment he stepped foot inside of the Oval Office.

The U.S. is protected by checks and balances. It ensures that one person (the president) doesn’t hold too much power. It’s why there’s a House and Senate for him to work with. They create the legislation, and he signs off on it.

The executive orders are supposed to be for emergency use only.

Now, we have Pramila Jayapal actually telling Biden that he should be using an executive order to circumvent Congress and continue to push for the Build Back Better Plan.

There’s a reason why BBB is dead. It’s expensive. It would cost taxpayers significant amounts of money. And what we’d all get in return is simply not enough to warrant the hike in taxes – especially when we’re dealing with inflation that is also as a result of Biden’s ineffective practices in the Oval Office.

Jayapal, the Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, said, “We are calling on the president to use executive action to immediately improve people’s lives. Taking executive action will also make clear to those who hinder Build Back Better that the White House and Democrats will deliver for Americans.”

This has to be one of the most desperate cries ever. She knows that Democrats have been failing and that Americans believe that they won’t deliver on any of their promises. It’s why there’s been a red wave rushing across the country – and why Dems continue to lose their seats in various local and state elections.

Jayapal can’t understand why the BBB plan is bad because she is trying to destroy the country with her progressive ideas. She just can’t believe that Americans are catching on to her plans of mass destruction.

If she thinks asking Biden to circumvent Congress will make things better, she is truly showing that she’s clueless as to how politics work. The moment Biden picks up the pen, every member of Congress will lose faith in him. Every American will be disgusted with him. Why? He didn’t listen to the voice of the people. He didn’t work with Congress.

One man cannot hold all of the power. If the BBB plan were what was best for Americans, it would have passed with bipartisan approval. But…it did not.

Jayapal wrote in the Washington Post that she’ll be issuing a plan so that Congress gives away its legislative powers to Biden. Gee, and at no point does she think that is going to disturb the balance of power – and the checks and balances that we depend on as a nation.

She wants to expand the welfare state. Yep, that sounds like a solid idea considering there are countless businesses hiring but everyone’s grown so dependent on the government that they’d rather sit at home. Oh, and she wants to accommodate “climate action” without actually punishing China for its role in polluting the planet.

If it were up to Jayapal, she’d blame the entire downfall of the Build Back Better plan on Joe Manchin. However, the reality is that he’s only one man…and, therefore, only one vote. There were also 50 Republicans who opposed the legislation.

If the BBB plan were amazing, there’d be more bipartisan support. She claimed that Manchin killed the bill and that it was a “stunning rebuke of his own party’s president.” Ahh, right. Party before people…she never ceases to show off her ignorance. She seems to forget that Manchin is a man from West Virginia – and her climate action would kill countless jobs.

Manchin has made it clear where he stands on the issue. “My Democratic colleagues in Washington are determined to dramatically reshape our society in a way that leaves our country even more vulnerable to the threats we face.”

Clearly, Jayapal is happy with the way that BBB would reshape the country, even if it destroys the country in the process. She’s still collecting a paycheck, so what does she care?