Fauci Makes Insanity News Again as He Demands That Everyone Wear a Mask on a Plane Forever

Jaromir Chalabala / shutterstock.com
Jaromir Chalabala / shutterstock.com

Anthony Fauci is back and acting stranger than ever with his demands and requests for people to follow his lead. The small man has never once maintained any consistency in the way he speaks about things. His recommendations and suggestions make zero sense as they usually contradict something he started a few weeks prior.

Fauci is under a lot of scrutinies because of his involvement with the development of COVID-19. He purposely allowed for funding to go toward a research project banned by the United States. His research funding went toward a project designed to observe changes if changes were made to a viral entity. And the result was COVID-19. He helped develop the bug that would kill millions.

The tiny man thinks of himself as a pandemic hero. But at the end of it all, he is nothing more than a man looking for the next book deal to come along. He has shown no concern for any person other than himself because he exposes himself as a fraud and a person who cannot be trusted.

The problem that he has developed for himself comes after several airline executives gave testimony that masking on planes serves zero purposes. Their point was forcing people to wear masks over their faces for hours as they fly hundreds of miles an hour through the air.

The airline CEOs want Joe Biden to remove the mandate from their businesses. The new filtration systems that the jets have are more than enough to keep the virus from spreading around an aircraft. Technology has risen to the challenge of helping people stay healthy while flying.

Gary Kelly is the CEO of Southwest. He stated, “The quality of the air, the statistics I recall 99.97 percent of airborne pathogens are captured by the HEPA filtering system and are turned over every two or three minutes. We use UT Southwestern and Stanford school of medicine. I think the case is extreme that masks don’t add much, if anything in the air cabin environment. It’s very safe, very high quality compared to any other indoor setting.”

Anthony Fauci hears these words and thinks he needs to go against what they are telling the committees. The crazy doctor thinks his word is more remarkable than life itself and needs to be obeyed. Fauci wants to see people on airlines masking up for eternity.

Even the mask’s science tells a story of how worthless the mask is against regular masks. Linsey Marr is a researcher at Virginia Tech, and she stated that cloth masks are not going to make a bit of difference. Townhall reported that they found a piece in NPR that read, “With another coronavirus variant racing across the U.S., once again, health authorities are urging people to mask up indoors. Yes, you’ve heard it all before. But given how contagious omicron is, experts say, it’s seriously time to upgrade to an N95 or similar high-filtration respirator when you’re in public indoor spaces.”

The fake doctor also wants to segregate flying to keep the people who refuse to vaccinate from ever setting foot inside an aircraft again. He is willing to take America back to the times of segregation, all for the sake of his pandemic agenda.

Joe Biden and his worthless doctor have failed to listen to the truth behind the viral outbreak. People are not getting as sick as they once did when the first strain finally came around. And even at that time, the rate of recovery was exceptionally high. But the liberals will tell lies to make it seem like the death rate is 50 percent for any virus strains.

Anthony Fauci will not give in to the truth that the virus is changing into a new version of the original coronavirus. A virus is known as the common cold. But the liberals will never tell the truth behind how a virus works because, like Anthony Fauci, they need to control everyone.