Biden Found To Be Hoarding COVID Treatments As the Nation Needs More of Them

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Joe Biden is all about the words and never about the action to back up what he is talking about or promising to do for people. The old president decided to hold an online meeting with governors and asked them what they needed to fight the COVID-19 virus. He would not meet with them in person but he’d look at pictures.

His offer of help comes on the tail end of the old man telling the nation that the fight is in the hands of the state governors because the federal government does not have a plan to move forward. After the meeting, the president told people that the governors praised him for his work but would not provide proof of such praise.

Joe Biden told the media that “They didn’t tell me they’re worried but they thanked me for the cooperation they’re getting. They said they’ve gotten all that they need. They just want to know what we think is gonna happen from here. But there was no, there were no complaints, a lot of cooperation.”

Biden is the only one that refuses to cooperate. The Republican governors already know what they need to do to secure their states and protect their people. They have been doing it for a year ever since Biden took control of the White House. The governor did not voice their complaints because they already knew that the president would not help them with the fight.

Biden’s claim of fame is short-lived now that Governor Greg Abbott has revealed plenty of issues. He pointed out the testing is virtually non-existent but he is also failing to provide much-needed treatment for those already sick. The old president seems to be hoarding the drugs for some particular reason.

Ron DeSantis has also blasted the president for his ignorant handling of current matters. He mentioned that “In a nationwide address on September 9th, President Biden announced that he would ‘increase the average pace of shipment across the country of free monoclonal antibody treatments by another 50 percent.’ Despite this welcome statement, Florida has had our allocations of the treatment drastically cut from nearly 31,000 doses last week to less than 26,000 doses this week, despite the fact that Floridians continue to use this free lifesaving therapy to recover from COVID-19.”

Biden had stated that he would increase the number of test kits and treatment options for patients. But so far, those promises have not been delivered to the people. Biden is a man who makes many promises and fails to honor his word. He cannot be trusted to perform or make good on his word. He would rather forget about the people and do things that make himself look good.

The monoclonal treatment option has already proven to be highly effective. Those people that have needed the drugs and got them fully recovered in a short amount of time. The drugs enabled the body to overcome the viral infection and produce the much-needed antibodies to kill off the COVID-19 virus from within their bloodstream.

DeSantis and others also have maintained that the drug treatment is needed and should be produced to treat all the patients that need the drugs. But instead of helping people, Biden has cut supply and made testing extinct. People cannot even guarantee that they have the virus without seeing a doctor first. And even then, the thought of getting a test may not happen.

The only thing that Joe Biden is suitable for in his term is breaking promises. He has not honored his campaign promises which, at this point in the presidency, he should at least have honored a few of them.

Biden and his Democratic Party have failed the nation, and they deserve to be voted out of office. The red wave is coming, and many Democratic rats are jumping ship so they can leave the political scene with whatever level of dignity they think they still have left.