To the Surprise of Absolutely No One, Trump Already Winning Polls for 2024 Primary

Dmitriy NDM /
Dmitriy NDM /

When Donald Trump had the election stolen from him back in 2020, the left thought they were rid of him for good. Those with a brain knew he was simply taking some time to formulate a plan to defeat the left since they had stolen the whole thing this time around. Granted, this time he would need a better running mate, especially since Pence has proven to be more about himself than the country since the last election.

Now Reuters/Ipsos has conducted a poll to see who people would support for the Republican primary for 2024. Unless you’ve been living in total isolation since the great thievery of 2020, you would already know that Donald Trump would be the answer. What you may not know is how badly he would defeat his competition. Garnering 54% of the vote, it’s crystal clear that America is ready to Make America Great Again.

As a matter of fact, the ONLY other potential candidate to even receive double digits was Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and he garnered 11% of the support. While a powerful statement for Trump, a 43-point gap is rather extreme, even for this point in the election process. Rounding out the top three, surprisingly, was Mike Pence with eight percent of the vote. For this poll 4,406 adults were surveyed, with a 1.7 percent margin of error.

This isn’t the first poll to reveal numbers like these. A Harvard/Harris survey was released last month, and that one had Trump landing 58% of the vote that time. Given these big sways of support for the former President, the question now is why? Are the American people ready to leave behind the progressive politics of the left and embrace the conservative right? Or are they simply sick of sky-high inflation, poor attempts at giving us socialist agenda talking points, and being told that everything needs to be canceled?

Given the people the Democrats put up for election back in 2020, you would think they would have chosen someone more with it to have stolen the election. Hillary was out after Trump decimated her back in 2016, and they couldn’t get anyone better through the primaries. Now, they are stuck with this geriatric incompetent “leader,” and they have no one but themselves to blame. Even though they will claim it is anyone else’s fault for their poor choice in leadership.

With the 2022 midterm elections quickly coming up, polls like these are even more crucial for choosing people to the Senate and House of Representatives. These elections determine who will be attempting to work with the President and the rest of their people. By knowing who the Republicans might put up for 2024 can help determine what candidates each party will ‘push’ for hardest in these upcoming elections.

Nobody expects Trump would lose a primary at all. Everyone knows the man will dominate the stage simply because he is too good at saying what people are thinking. He cuts through the bs and gets right to the heart of the issue; something career politicians are incapable of doing. As the election slowly draws closer, the support for Trump will only grow stronger. Especially as the economy becomes even more ragged than it was yesterday. So the rest of the nominees need to simply look at this for what it is; interviewing for the Vice President behind Trump.