Liberal NY Governor Admits the Hospitalization Numbers Are Grossly Inflated

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Kathy Hochul is the lousy Democratic governor of New York. She’s been reluctant to loosen the stranglehold on New York put into place by the criminal governor Andrew Cuomo. All the wicked queen has done is follow in the footsteps of her predecessor and make life miserable for everyone living there. But now, it has been discovered that Hochul and other Democrats have come clean and admitted that they overcounted the number of hospitalizations by 50 percent.

Liberals from all over the spectrum are coming clean with the truth from the past two years. The Democrats have manipulated and changed information to suit their political needs. But now that the midterms are coming up, they feel the need to start admitting their lies. The issue behind their confessions is that they are trying to make it sound like it is an innocent mistake. But the country knows better and finally realizes that the liberals have been lying all along.

The sad reality that Hochul is admitting to is that every time a person came to the hospital, they were forced to take a COVID-19 test. That person may have come in for a heart issue or auto accident, but if they tested positive, they were counted as having come because of the virus and not the real issue.

Hochul stated that “Someone is in a car accident, they go to the emergency room, they test positive for COVID while they’re there, they’re not they’re being treated for COVID. Now someone’s condition can worsen while they’re in the hospital. I’m not saying that won’t happen, but I’ve just been doing a random call around to some of the hospital leaders that I touch base with and I’m seeing numbers from 20% to sometimes 50%. We don’t have clear data right now, that’s anecdotal.”

The Democrats are now requiring that the hospitals report the primary reason why a person comes to the hospital and not label everything as COVID-related. That requirement should have been in place since the start of the pandemic time. But the liberals wanted to inflate their numbers to justify screwing over the population.

The governor claims that she now wants to be honest with how severe things really are regarding the virus. Her admission basically claims that the Democrats have been lying for two years and now she wants to make nice and start telling the truth. To claim that a person wants to be honest is an admission that they were once lying before.

She made a brief statement that will allow her to continue to push mandates and lockdowns for months to come. And it also gives her the ability to close everything down again if she feels like it. She also used the time to push a dreary reality by claiming that COVID is still around and making it impossible to move forward.

The story she tells is no different than that of the other Democrats. Anthony Fauci was found spouting the same nonsense but only as it relates to kids and their parents. Somehow all the single people must be immune to the new variant in Fauci’s world.

The Daily Wire showed that Dr. Anthony Fauci provided some insight regarding the accuracy of metrics used for counting positive COVID-19 cases in children. On Wednesday night, Fauci told MSNBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin that since all children are tested for COVID-19 when they enter a hospital, regardless of the reason they are there, that many children are hospitalized “with COVID” rather than “because of COVID.” Because of that, some COVID-19 cases can be “overcounted.” He admitted that the COVID numbers are grossly exaggerated.

The Democrats love to mix words in an attempt to confuse people. A simple change with one word can take on a whole new meaning. They tried to redefine the word “infrastructure” but failed because they used it in a way that made no sense to well-educated people. The Democrats are carving their own tombstones the more they admit that they have been lying to people.