Taliban Vows to Overrun DC, and Biden is Silent…

Shark9208888 / shutterstock.com
Shark9208888 / shutterstock.com

As you well know, the Taliban has always been a brutal and terrible force of evil. When it first came to power and quickly displayed that evil, it didn’t take long for the world to take notice and recognize that something had to be done. And so, after a nearly unprecedented attack on American soil in 2001, the U.S. and her allies rallied to put them down and restore peace to the Middle East.

You will remember that we were successful in that drive, for the most part. While terror still remains in that part of the world, for a time or the better part of our 20-year war on terror, it saw some semblance of order as groups were put into power that actually seemed to focus on what was best for nations like Afghanistan and not just what their religious zealots wanted.

But as with most sources of evil, the Taliban remained, lurking just under the surface, waiting for just the right time to make their comeback known.

The rise of Joe Biden to the U.S. presidency was that time.

Instead of focusing on the things America actually needed – you know, like a solution to COVID, help with our border crisis, or an economy ever on the decent – Biden put his efforts into bringing all of our troops home. But what that created was a vacuum of sorts, pulling the evils of the Taliban back into the light and allowing them just enough room to rebuild the empire we had once taken from their greedy hands, and in record time too.

Within days, Kabul had fallen, and Americans, both civilian and military, as well as a whole slew of other nationalities, were left stranded in a nation hell-bent on the eradication of all things Western.

Of course, the reigning powers promised that with their rise, the world would see a new and different Taliban, one that was softer and more understanding, as well as kinder all around.

Could anyone have guessed that they were lying? The correct answer to that is just about everyone. Everyone, that is, except for Biden’s naïve and gullible administration.

And here to prove that is the new Afghan government making threats to send no less than 2,000 suicide bombers to Washington, D.C.

The threat was first reported by the Middle East Media Research Institute or MEMRI, a watchdog group that tracks communications from media sources and extremist groups in the region. Per a report in early December, Afghanistan’s acting minister of defense, Maulvi Mohammad Yaqoob Mujahid, tweeted out that the nation just might send suicide bombers en masse to D.C. should our government insist upon sending U.S. troops to the American embassy in Afghanistan.

He wrote, “If America wants 2,000 English (American) troops at its embassy in Afghanistan, we also want 2,000 Fidayeen Mujahadeen (suicide bombers) from the Fateh Force at the embassy of Afghanistan in America.”

The tweet was aired during talks between the U.S. and Afghanistan in Doha, Qatar, where the Taliban is currently trying to attain international recognition for their leadership.

As you likely know, since the fall of Kabul in August, talks have ensued to regain some semblance of trust between the Taliban and other world leaders, including the U.S. In October, the Biden admin agreed to send humanitarian support to Afghanistan but would not recognize the head of the government there.

In November, talks continued, with the Taliban demanding that the U.S. end sanctions and unfreeze Afghan assets to further aid humanitarian efforts. However, the U.S. has been hesitant, and for good reason, to acquiesce completely. One suggestion was to allow the U.S. embassy in Afghanistan to reopen.

But as you can tell by the tweet, the leadership in Afghanistan doesn’t seem to cotton to that idea much.

Sadly, that’s not the most frustrating part. Instead, it’s that since the threat was made, our commander in chief, Joe Biden, nor his staff, has said a single word about it. And that’s even after reports began coming in about the Taliban readying whole units of suicide attackers for their army.

Could you have ever imagined a U.S. president sitting idly by while very real threats were being made on the people of his nation? Up until a year ago, I know I wouldn’t have.

Yet, here we are, falling even farther into embarrassment and all because of Biden…