With Trump Out of the Way, Kim Jong Un Rises From the Dead…No Biden’s Gonna Stop Him Now

Alexander Khitrov / shutterstock.com
Alexander Khitrov / shutterstock.com

Rocketman Kim Jong Un is pouting. He’s no longer receiving the attention he craves from the U.S. since Joe Biden came along. At least Donald Trump acknowledged who he was and even came to see him. How cool was that? Like a scolded puppy, Trump’s visit was enough to make the North Korean leader start behaving himself. Kim Jong Un was enamored with Trump. He was his biggest fan. But like any dog that you have to occasionally admonish or praise for their behavior, Kim’s tired of being a good boy without a least getting a pat on the head. Biden’s a bad owner.

To counteract the hostility and threats the North Korean’s claim they’re receiving from the U.S., they say they’re giving strong consideration to restarting “all temporally-suspended activities.” These activities would involve firing long-range missiles and nuclear explosives into the ocean to see how much widespread damage they’re capable of inflicting prior to unleashing them on humanity.

NK has accused America of making “hostile moves.” In a meeting with the ruling Worker’s Party, Kim called for “immediately bolstering” of the country’s “military capabilities.”

The Korean Central News Agency quoted NK leaders as giving instructions to “reconsider in an overall scale the trust-building measures that we took on our own initiative … and to promptly examine the issue of restarting all temporally-suspended activities.” 

Here’s the real deal. Kim is pulling the same old rabid rabbit out of his hat. With a crippled economy, it’s doubtful NK has enough money to play out its threat. The pandemic and poor crop yields have its bank account seeing red. Illness, death, and hunger have consumed the hermit nation.

NK’s threat is a failed extortion attempt. Start helping them out or they’ll blow up the planet with the rockets they can’t afford to keep building. Donald Trump understood how the best way to keep a snarling dog from biting is to make it think you’re its friend. And for a while when the Don was still serving, NK still had a fat bank account that he talked them out of spending the wrong way. Sure, Trump had to make a few concessions, but they amounted to no more than the average person dropping a buck in a beggar’s hat. 

With nothing better to do than to try and feed his people, Kim has been parading around what’s left in his arsenal as a clear message to Biden. He’s even wasted a few of them in the ocean as a display of his intent to press forward. 

This caused Biden to slap NK with a fresh new round of sanctions instead of just talking to Kim and working out their differences in the same way his predecessor did. Tough guy antics don’t work on a guy like Kim Jong Un and Trump was the first U.S. president to prove it. You catch more flies with soy sauce. 

While Biden sits in his office signing sanctions, he’s overlooking what could one day cost the U.S. the entire city of Los Angeles, Dallas, or maybe your hometown. When a beggar gets desperate enough, they don’t care who comes to their rescue and they won’t soon forget the favor.

China knows this and who would be shocked to discover that the Commies are already filtering funds into Rocketman’s personal bank account? Nobody? That’s kinda what we thought. Just because you aren’t aware of something doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.